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Fear Factor…Home style.

May 22, 2007

I’m sure most people have seen an episode of Fear Factor. And if you haven’t, you should because it’s really rivoting television. By rivoting, I mean it’s gross. The stuff they make those people eat, is just nasty. Well they don’t make the contestants eat the junk, the contestants are apparently hard up for cash and will do just about anything for some money. The thing is, it’s not huge money. Most game shows now, head towards large amounts of moola, not FF, they win a whopping 50 grand on that show. Sure, I don’t have 50 thousand in my bank account right now but I’m also not willing to eat bull balls with a side of goat hair. Just not doin’ it.

However, my husband will apparently eat weird things, oh, for FREE. For FUN. Just for the pure pleasure of grossing out his family. I’m so not even kidding one little bit.

We had to stop and pick up a receipt at some guy’s house and it was sorta rainy yesterday. And when it rains, what happens? Come on, you know. Certain creatures crawl out of the earth. I know you can totally see where I’m going with this. As the kids and I are sitting in the truck, we see hubby coming back down the walkway and as he approaches the sidewalk, he bends down and picks something up. At first, I’m thinking he’s picked up a spider and is going to throw it at his very arachnophobic wife, you know, for shits n’ giggles but as I’m about to jump out of the truck and start running really fast, I see what he’s holding. It’s. a. worm.

He opens the truck door and immediately my kids start screaming. Okay, it’s totally normal for people to be afraid of spiders, kids (like your mom), but worms? Come on. Toughen up for petesake. As my husband is standing there holding the worm, he raises his arm up, tilts his head back and in goes the worm. In his mouth. As in, he ate it. I’m shocked but not 100% because I’ve seen this performance before, about 6 years ago while gardening with him. Our older 2 boys were just as horrified as their younger siblings were now. I guess it’s a tradition or something. It’s a right of passage. Yes kids, now you can say you’ve seen your father eat a worm and then laugh hysterically about how nauseated you are seeing him swallow it. We all tell him that that is sick and nasty and he tells us that obviously we’re chickens. No honey, we’re not chickens, because if we were, we’d eat the stupid worm. So there. Nanny nanny boo boo.

*Edit* Next time it rains, I’m totally going to tape him eating another worm and post it, so you can witness the horror that we had to see. You’ll barf. And then I’ll laugh. No, wait, you might make me clean it up and that people, would NOT be funny.

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3 Responses to “Fear Factor…Home style.”

  1. ROFLMAO. That is just SO nasty. SOOOO nasty. *shivering*

    Please tell me that you required a helluva lot of Listerene before you kissed him?

  2. EWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    At least wash it first!!lol

  3. I thought for sure it was going to be a snail. Still so wrong, very, very wrong! Eww, did he try and make you kiss him after???

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