Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
Is there a doctor in da house?

May 30, 2007

I made an appointment today with my doctor, who is apparently not my doctor. Confused? Ya, join the club.

We moved here almost 4 years ago and I put my name on a waiting list to be accepted at the clinic near my home for a family doctor. I was called late in 2003 and told, indeed I would be accepted as a patient with Dr. X. He’s name really isn’t Dr. X but that sounds very mysterious, doesn’t it? I thought so. I’ve been to Dr. X a few times, not many as I’ve been relatively healthy. I do have to occasionally go get my prescription refilled (for my intense beauty, gotta combat the effects with pro-ugly pills just so I’m not sooo hot) (remember, S.A.R.C.A.S.M) and there have been times that my doctor, who apparently ISN’T my doctor has been away so I therefore, had to see another doctor, who also isn’t my doctor, to refill my pro-ugly pills. Let’s flash forward now, a few years, to today. I was told that I wasn’t in the system and that Dr. X isn’t really my doctor because I didn’t have a meet and greet kinda visit the first time. Umm okay. I did but that’s okay if you don’t remember me. I wasn’t on my pro-ugly pills back then and I probably blinded him with my gorgeous self and thus, he has blocked me out as the ‘woman who took my eye sight with her fantastic self’. I can hardly blame the man. But still, I should be in the system of being the patient of my doctor who isn’t my doctor.

I hope I’ve sufficiently confused you because it would be totally not fair to me if I were the only one in a dense state over this whole ‘he’s not your doctor but really is your doctor but we have no record of him being your doctor’ scenerio. Let’s keep the score card fair people, fair.

I go on Monday, so let’s hope I remember to take my pro-ugly pills so I don’t give the doctor who’s not really my doctor a heart attack. Making him blind was bad enough. Oh the guilt.

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7 Responses to “Is there a doctor in da house?”

  1. huh?

    Im confused

  2. I hope this doesn’t turn out to be like one of those movies where suddensly everyone starts not knowing who you are and there is no record of you anywhere and the next thing you know you get locked up because the people whom you believe to be your family thinks your la nut bag off the street coming in setting up shop in their house and even you children don’t know who you are but some myserious stranger busts you out of a prison transport cause he knows the truth…
    Man, that would be some awesome blogging, hugh? Just let me know when the shit starts going down and I’ll bust you out and we’ll have some crazy death defying adventure and…
    wait a minute…
    who are you again?
    I don’t remember no Sassy…


  3. ROFL!

    Now, how could someone NOT remember you? I mean seriously…you seem pretty memorable.

    I think Ozy is right though. This does sound like a scene out of ‘Forgotten’ or some other movie!

  4. Ozy, I’m totally going to write a movie just like that because I bet that noone has ever done a movie like that and then I’ll be rich. Or confused. Not sure which.

  5. Atleast your doctor still exists…

    … I needed my doctor for my Katimavik medical exam last spring, and I called up my doctor, only to find a message saying my doctor was no longer practicing.

    WHY?!?!?!?!?!?! For the love of God, I hope she just decided to stop, and didn’t, like, kill anyone or anything!

  6. if you’re poor then you are confused
    if you’re rich than you are eccentric

  7. this makes me cackle as much as having my little sister take up with my doctor, and she asks him to refill for her the exact same crazy pills that i take. it’s clearly genetic. our crazy problems.

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