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July 30, 2007

Lordy Lordy, Look Who’s….

Me at 40

….forty twenty-five. Hmmm. I thought that little ditty was supposed to rhyme? Not my problem.

I know what you’re thinking. How can someone who’s clearly drunk twenty-five have a son who’s 20? Baffles my mind too people, baffles my mind. Stranger things have happened I suppose.

You’ll never believe what I did today for my birthday. I really shouldn’t be so mean as to make you jealous with the excitement that filled my day but since it’s my party, I’m going to tell you.

I woke at 6am after having only 3 hours of sleep, did my workout, then crawled back in bed while my offspring were still sleeping, woke again, fed my kids, did laundry, cleaned my bathrooms, vaccumed, fed my kids again, did more laundry, took a shower, loaded my dishwasher and then did more laundry. How bad ass is that? I never knew turning 5 years older than my 20 year old son, would be so much frigging fun. Who knew?

My daughter proclaimed to anyone who would listen to her today, ‘how her mom is an old woman now, and how depressing that is’. Gee, thanks for practically telling people I’m ready for the bone yard. Might as well make some calls tomorrow and book myself into a ‘home’. Where’s my flippin’ walker?

On a fun note, my husband took me to Applebee’s for dinner, where we waited an hour for our meal because our smart as a whip waitress forgot to place our order to the kitchen staff. She also forgot the meal of the lady across the table from us, so I guess I shouldn’t take it personally and think there was some sort of conspiracy. Gosh, I feel bad for punching her in the head now. But then she charged us for the strawberry dacquiri that I ordered that I DIDN’T get because they were out of the ingredients to make it, so then I felt like my decision to knock her upside the head was justified. All evens out in the end. We did get free desserts compliments of the manager. Great, now I have to do another workout tonight to combat the brownie I ate. Gee, Happy Birthday.

Me laughing

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July 27, 2007




Me July 26th

In just a few short hours, I will be living in my fantasy world seeing my boyfriends, Chad from Nickelback and Chris Daughtry from Daughtry. I can only imagine the excitement they are feeling from the anticipation of having me arrested seeing me too. I’m taking my wench, Ang, the wenchiest wench around. She’s so wenchy, they named the town she’s from after her: Wenchville. She’s Wenchy McWenchster, but she’s got big jugs and she loves me. Umm, that didn’t come out right but you know what I mean right? Well, no you don’t but that’s okay because I’m crazy from excitement today. Forgive me.

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