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Sassy’s Sunday Search String # 2

July 8, 2007

Oh aren’t you excited? Here we are at my second installment of search strings. You’re just dying from anticipation, so I’d better get started. Should be the most boring thing ever so exciting that you’ll pee your pants. Yuck. You’re gross.

‘Why does my poop look like rabbit turds’?

Because you ate that rabbit. Eat cows or pigs, then you’ll have bigger poo. Just sayin’. Or eat a chicken and then lay eggs. Geez, make yourself useful why dontcha.

‘you come into my yard and you kick my dog’

You came into my yard and peed on my patio set, so I thought that would even things up yo’.

‘I have to poop really bad but it won’t come out, what do I do’?

You get a small shovel and pray. Look, I’m not a doctor, so what’d you expect?

‘sassy pencil case’

I have a pencil case and yes, it’s sassy all right. Everything I own is sassy. Don’t ever forget that.

‘sassy sweatpants’

Bite your tongue. There are no sweatpants on this earth that are sassy. They aren’t sexy. Or cute. Or pretty. Burn them now.

‘big buckets of poop’

Ummm try KFC’s bucket. It’s not great chicken but it’s better than poo, however, it will make you poo 2.5 hours after eating it. I suppose then you could just put your poo in the bucket and then you’d have a big bucket of poo. Aren’t I helpful?

‘Marnie Cook’

Holy crap…..I think my stalker is back. My Marnie Cook stalker. Read this if you want to know what I’m talking about. I’m skeered.

‘pictures of really bad bunions’

Whatever floats yer boat.

And there you have it. Your day is complete and I’m so thrilled that I could be the one to deliver such joy to you. You can now end your day on a note of pure ecstacy. I must go now because I suffered some sort of heart attack/stroke/convulsion thing due to my daughter going missing earlier today and it tired me out. Ah, we found her and I’ll explain tomorrow when I am not so drunk feel like talking about it.

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5 Responses to “Sassy’s Sunday Search String # 2”

  1. Yea, hi. This comment is for Marnie Cook. Can you just tell her that I said hi and to give me a call? Thanks.

  2. LMAO…Sassy are you really drunk? Oh, saw the other post about Marni Cook, first it nice putting a voice to a face. Anyway, I would write down the number from the person who keeps calling and asking for Marnie Cook and then call right back and ask for that her. Just to see what she say. Can’t wait to hear what happened with Maddy.

  3. Oh I punched Marnie Cook in the mouth. She’s no longer able to speak. Ha.

    Nope Sally, I’m not really drunk, unless you think drinking 2 litres of water before bed is getting sloshed…hahahahaa.

  4. Why do people always search pooh related things? Ew.

  5. Ok, so I’m new here (this is my first visit) and I have absolutely no idea what these string thingys are but I laughed at them anyways. And the Marnie Cook thing is too funny…to me, I’m sure it’s not as funny to you.

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