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And we all scream for icecream….

July 9, 2007

icecream truck

….that is if you can catch the damn truck.

Every day so far this summer, we’ve heard the dingle dingle dingle of the icecream truck on our cul de sac. When it first started coming around, there was a young-ish guy driving the truck. He drove it so slow that even a 100 pound lazy ass turtle could catch it. But that’s kinda the point right? I mean, obviously he wants the kids to come running out with money in their chubby little hands to snatch up all the drumsticks and popsicles that they can.

The icecream truck got a new driver the other day. As my husband and children and I were enjoying the sunshine out in our back yard, we heard the ringing of the bell. The kids, whether wanting icecream or not, love to run to the window or the fence and watch the truck go by and see if any of the neighbourhood children are going to buy anything. As we’re walking over to the fence with the kids, my husband and I look at each other and both seem sorta puzzled by the scene we are witnessing.

We look over our fence to see Mr Icecream man, driving his truck waaaaay too fast, like he’s got diarreah and has to put the pedal to the metal inorder to get to a bathroom so he doesn’t shit his tightie whities. At least that’s where MY imagination leads me to.

We see 3 young boys opening their front door and dashing out to stop the icecream truck and their little legs are pumping for all their worth but they can’t catch up with Leadfoot MaGoo as he takes the corner on two wheels. Okay, fine it wasn’t on two wheels but the way he was speeding around the corner, there was no way those kids would ever reach him. Their arms are flailing around, they’re yelling for him to stop and he keeps right on going. Ah, you might want to actually slow down and then stop so you can, oh I don’t know, SELL SOME ICECREAM. Just an observation. I’m not sure if he gets the whole concept of little kids not being able to run like the Road Runner or having Inspector Gadget arms to yank that truck to a stop. He may want to ease off on that gas pedal just a wee bit. I may have to put up speed bumps and rumble strips tomorrow. And maybe a set of traffic lights. Gosh, I’m gonna be busy.

Great, now I want some icecream. All I’ve got is some freezer burned hotdogs and a few ice cubes. Where’s my blender?

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10 Responses to “And we all scream for icecream….”

  1. He was only speeding because I already bought all the ice cream on the truck and he had to deliver it to me before I sent my minions after him.

  2. They just ain’t like they use to be!

  3. ROFL. Go slow? Sell ice cream? Now why would he have done that!

    Maybe the coolers were broke and he was trying to prevent the ice cream from melting!

    Or maybe that purple gorilla was back and chasing him.

    Either way…I suggest that you go buy ice cream treats and next time it happens break out the goodies. Then take advantage pity on all the little neighbor kids and relieve them of their money :-D

  4. It’s actually a new excercise program for children. Once a week he’ll drive slow enough for them to catch him just so the rest of the week the little buggers will run their legs off trying.

  5. remember that crazy chic at depths of despair? yeah, she IS a fake.

  6. That is so funny! I agree with Chris’s comment though. This could really make you some money if you put your mind to it!

  7. Girl! You crack my shit up!

  8. You could always organize a gang of kids to stand in the road and stop him … unless of course it wouldn’t stop him and that would be disaterous!

    You are too funny!!

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