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Weird isn’t it?

July 15, 2007

I don’t know how this happened, but my oldest son turned 20 yesterday. That’s so weird because, I’m like, only thirty something twenty four but I’ve heard of miracles happening, so let’s just chalk it up to one of those situations. It kinda sucks that I couldn’t spend the day with him but he’s 3000 miles away so that sort of makes it hard to just drive over to see him. We put some cold hard cash in his bank account and he was going to go shopping and maybe to a movie. I want to go shopping and to a movie. Where’s my cold hard cash in my bank account? Hmmm? I don’t see anyone forking over any for me. I’m pretty sure I sent out a memo. Perhaps you didn’t get it. Slow mail day maybe.

We are still in the midst of that, HEAT WAVE thing but my fabulous husband put in our air conditioner yesterday and now, I’m actually kinda chilly, BUT that is in no way a complaint. If you should hear me bitch moaning about being chilled, kick me in the neck and call me ungrateful would ya? Help me remember how much I whined for the past week and a half about how hot I was. And not hot as in ‘fine’ but hot as in, I have a bad rash. Ah, well I don’t have a rash but I’m just using that as a reference. Trying to make a point is all.

I’m supposed to be getting ready to go out but I’m really enjoying the cold air in here (see, being grateful, all is good) and I am scared to leave my chilled lair to venture out in the heat but the thought of shopping (which I think we might do) is such a pull. I LOVE to shop. I really should have been born rich. I would so make a good rich person. Not a snotty rich bitch, because those kind of rich people suck ass but a nice, cute, friendly rich person, who would take her friends shopping whenever they felt like it. I’m not sure if it’s too late to marry for money. Let me talk to my husband and get his imput. I’ll get back to you on that one.

Remember the Speedy Gonzales icecream truck man? Well he was ’round yesterday and my daughter had to put on her fastest running shoes and do the 100 yard dash to catch the guy. I might have to go tell him how to run his business. Slow=more icecream sold…Fast=not as much icecream sold and pissed off children. Take it into consideration buddy. Try it my way for a week and we’ll compare notes later.

Brrrr, it’s………..wait, not going to say it. Grateful, be grateful, be grateful. See how grateful I am for my ac? Okay, must run now (no not to catch the icecream dude) and get off my lazy ass and get dressed dash out the door because I’m allll ready to go. I will be back to do my ‘Sassy Sunday Searchstring’, that I know you all look forward to. Unless aliens take me and want to do an anal probe but this back door is closed for entry, so not sure how much fun they’ll have with me. I know you’re thanking me for the 411. I’m so very helpful like that. Chalk full of information for the masses.

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4 Responses to “Weird isn’t it?”

  1. Our ice cream men must have been trained at the same school for Ice Cream Men!
    I swear when he whips through my crescent, it’s like he is in the Indy 500!

  2. Maybe he goes so fast because he wants all the ice cream for himself. If I was the ice cream man, I would speed so I get all the ice cream for myself. I’m cool like that.

  3. I’m so blinded by your gratitude towards the AC. As for the ice cream man, maybe he’s part of some covert operation to help the obese children in the world by giving them a work out before they get their ice cream. Surely by the time they catch him they’ve burned more than enough calories to earn their treat, right?

  4. I thank the AC Gods on a daily baisis hun! LOL
    Hope you had fun shoppin….what did ya get for me huh??? Muahhhhhhhhhh
    Miss you sweetie!!

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