Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
Karate kid & Ninja kitten.

July 22, 2007

I swear we have the weirdest kitten ever. Don’t get me wrong, she’s the best kitten ever too. She was the perfect kitten when we got her…instantly trained, could climb stairs no problem, does the dishes when asked, mows the lawn when I’m just too lazy…the list goes on. She’s a gem really. She is however, a little freaky.

My daughter decided to climb on the back of our love seat in the livingroom and then proceed to jump off of it, practicing Karate moves even though, technically she isn’t taking Karate professionally. I guess she wants to prepare before she actually takes the class. Good thinking. Smart like her mama. Anyway, the cat thinks she’s a martial arts expert. Ya, there’s only enough room in this household for one incoherent lush martial arts Ninja and that’d be me. You can click HERE if you want to see the pictures in their full glory. I mean, I’m not going to make you click there, I’m just trying to be helpful. Can’t accuse me of not not trying to be helpful. I think. I’m not sure what I’m saying. Listen, just click if you freakin’ want to, and if you don’t, have another hit off the pipe. Or eat some icecream. Help an elderly lady across the street. Punch a clown in the groin. Whatever floats your boat.

Ninja cat/Maddy

Ninja cat/Maddy

Ninja cat/Maddy

Ninja cat/Maddy

Ninja cat/Maddy

Ninja cat/Maddy

Ninja cat/Maddy

Ninja cat/Maddy

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10 Responses to “Karate kid & Ninja kitten.”

  1. LMAO!
    How did you keep the camera straight? I would have been laughing too hard! The comentary is Hil–arious!

  2. LOL Those are cute pictures. Love the comments too.

  3. OMG… that is too funny!!! Did you get it on video too?? That would have been hilarious!!! And yes the commentary makes them even better

  4. ROFLMAO!! OMG..that is hilarious.

    Sorry I haven’t been around. I missed ya!

  5. That is tooooo funny. Hell, I can’t get my cats to leave their sides much less their feet, well, except for feeding time…

  6. Great Commentary hun
    Crazy cat and kid
    Looks like they had some fun

  7. Saay, I have some bad news…
    I tagged ya. Hate me later.

  8. LMAO thats too funny!!
    If you don’t want that kitty, I’ll have it. What a riot!

  9. Our kitten is mental like this too! I found your website by accident, actually from your link on the Superficial. HILARIOUS! I don’t know you but I think you’re damn funny!

  10. La Chatte challenges Ninja Kitty to a Fight.

    It’s on, Bitches.

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