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August 20, 2007

I’ve been tagged yet again, this time by Ozy, who of course would choose me because, yes, you guessed it, he thinks I’m certifiable fabulous. I’m supposed to tell you 8 completely random things about me. Why? To make your life complete. Duh. What oh what would you do without me? Not have much of a life I guess.

1.I have this insane ocassional fear that the vehicle I’m driving will blow up. I know what you’re thinking…’she’s so pretty’, but even so, this really is fucking ridiculous sorta silly and unfortunately I can’t help it. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does strike me, I honestly think that the car I’m driving will explode. Maybe it’s the booze fact that I was dropped on my head last week as a baby.

2.I prefer crushed ice in my drinks over cubed ice. I mean, I will use cubed ice if necessary but if there were an ice crushing hunk available, I’d get him to smash my ice every single time. And is this ‘code’ for sex talk? You betcha. Where’s my Yellow pages?

3.I can’t leave my house unless my kitchen is spotless. I don’t know why this is, but I’ve been this way for years. I can feel your excitement at this knowledge and let me say, I’m happy to make you happy.

4.My clothes are colour coordinated in my closet. Call it a sickness if you will but I prefer to call it C.R.A.Z.Y. organizationally talented. Yes organizationally IS a word. It’s MY word. I invent them. Move on.

5.I’ve never had a broken bone except for a broken baby toe but does that even count? That hardly counts for a bone. And sure I’ve broken other people’s bones, like the annoying lady that kept dumping her dog poo on my lawn. I punched her in the face and broke her face which is like one big face bone right? So it was only in my overactive imagination but still, that absolutely counts. It’s only in horse shoes that it doesn’t count. Or whatever that saying is. You get my drift. Is this fact number 8 yet?

6.I once won $98 on a lottery ticket. Ignore the fact that I had to spend $75 on the tickets to win that almost $100 dollars but still, a win is a win. Were these facts supposed to put you to sleep? If so, mission accomplished. Oh snap!

7.I was stung by yellow jacket hornets a few years ago. It hurt alot. I cried. And that’s all I got for ya.

8.I have not a fucking soul who knows me several hundred fans who read my blog, so to only choose a few to tag would be so unfair. And if there’s one thing I am, it’s delusional fair. I wouldn’t want to change that about myself. So if you want to tag yourself on behalf of me, I only charge $24.99.

Now that I’ve totally made your day (probably your month), you can skip through the rest of your Monday with a huge smile on your face and thank your lucky stars that you don’t live anywhere near me know me.

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2 Responses to “Let me bore, err, entertain you.”

  1. Damn, nobody told me we could charge for this crap. Oooh, we could make like a pyramid scheme out of this and make some serious dough…

    he he he
    evil plan formulating…

  2. My closet is also color coordinated, as is my dresser. A drawer for each color shade. I did have to combine the red and pinks though…that took some getting use to!

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