Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
I’m rockin’.

August 27, 2007


See that? Ya, that’s proof in the pudding. Chris said so. She said I’m a rockin’ blogger. She picked me because she thinks I’m crazy and is afraid of me loves me. Thank you Chris for choosing me (I think you rock too) and ummm, where’s my Starbucks? I’m waiting. Ha.

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4 Responses to “I’m rockin’.”

  1. Congrats on all the rockin! I was totally going to give some hokey comment like “If this blogs a rockin” kind of thing but then I thought better of it. So just congrats! I totally think you rock too!

  2. And I can say I’ve slept with you. What a freaking honour!

    Where the hell is Chris anyway? Is her daughter okay?

  3. I am participating in BlogDay 2007. I stumbled in here…somehow…don’t quite recall how exactly. But, I chose to feature you as part of my BlogDay post. I also added you to my blogroll. Hope ya don’t mind.

  4. Here I am! :-)

    Sorry I disappeared and left everyone worried. It was just that kinda Fracked up and weird weekend.

    Beanie is okay. Thank you for worrying.

    Sassy – I drank the starbucks. I’m sorry. I know you’re gonna beat my arse now but I really needed it. You still rock though :-)

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