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September 7, 2007

Me. Duh. You shouldn’t have had to even think about that. But if you did or are confused as to why I’m cool, lemme explain it to you.

I have my own fan club. Give your head a shake and smack your face hard. But even doing that won’t erase the facts…I have a fan club. Where did I get my own fan club? From creating it myself since I’m a loser the thousands of people who adore and worship me, that’s how. If you go HERE, you will see the fan club. My fan club. Sure you’ll find out my real name and stuff but how exciting is that going to be? Not very. I mean very.

I hope to have at least one 500 fans joined by noon. And it’s 12:07pm people. That’s how popular I am.

*Edit* Umm you have to be signed into Facebook to see the link I posted. If you don’t know what Facebook is, smash your head into a brick wall and pour gas in your eyes just for not knowing.

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3 Responses to “Who’s cool? Huh? Who’s cool?”

  1. I’m so joining your fan club Sassy! Oh. Wait. It’s my fan club, so I’m already a member. Got it.

  2. I joined and then i thought. Heh. how funny. With my real name as my face book ID,, you wont have a clue who I am.

    So I will give you a hint. My profile picture is my pussy

  3. LMAO @ Blue!! (Hi, Blue!)

    I joined your club. Are there any bonuses for being your friend? LOL

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