Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
I was in Milan.

September 24, 2007

Modeling. That’s where I’ve been for the last few days. If none of this sounds familiar, then you’ll have to click on the word ‘modeling’ beginning this paragraph and perhaps that will refresh your drunk mind.

My husband is away for 8 days and I’ve been here, passed out the whole time holding the fort down. He’ll be home in a few days, so that means, I must continue to hold the fort down. It’s alot of work. I must say I do like not having to cook meals. I mean I do feed my kids but since Ryan has a special diet, he doesn’t eat ‘regular’ food and my daughter is Miss Fussy Pants and I’m Not Eating That, so no big elaborate meals for her. I just make some soup or a sandwich for myself. How much better can it get than that? Sure, it would be nice if I had a hot pool boy personal chef, but we can’t get everything we want even if we cry, beg and plead.

I did some Christmas shopping over the weekend and today I have to wrap it so I can forget what I bought by the time December rolls around and then will have to sorta unwrap it so I can jog my memory. Sounds like a plan. I love when I have a plan. I also have a plan to paint the bedroom downstairs. I said I was going to do that last week but I was busy getting sloshed rescuing old ladies from rooftops (you’d think they’d know better since, you know, they’re old and supposedly wise, pffftt) and just didn’t get around to it. So today I may start. Or may not. I may just decide to start it tomorrow. Or maybe I’ll at least lay out the painting supplies and look at them sitting on the bedroom floor for a couple of days. You know, to get motivated. I’m a mental patient motivational speaker, so really, I should just speak to myself about this. However, I’m not listening to myself this morning. Or the child talking a mile a minute in my right ear. Does she ever stop? No. She even talks in her sleep. Oh, she leaves for school in about 30 minutes. Where’s my stop watch?

I went shopping with my girlfriend the other day. My husband loves it when I call her that because he thinks that means we ‘get it on’ as he puts it. Yes honey, that’s what it means. IN YOUR MIND. Anyway, we were at a women’s clothing store. And by women’s, I mean there’s nothing the least bit manly in the store. However, there was a 50-ish man there, trying on clothes. The women’s clothes. As in, the women’s clothes. As in, the women’s clothes. Yes, I’m serious. He wasn’t even in a changing room, just standing around the racks of women’s clothes, putting on shirts etc over top of his own clothes. Did I mention they were women’s clothes? Whatever floats your feminine side mister. The women working there were just standing around like it’s an every day occurance, for some dude to be in there trying to find that perfect outfit for the office.

I really should go make my daughter’s lunch for school. It would require me getting off of my ass and going to the kitchen 2 feet away but that seems like alot of work. And I’m all ready booked up for the day, you know, thinking about doing that painting downstairs. However, Miss Never Stops Talking is talking and wanting me to hurry up so we can leave so she can get to the playground to show off her ability on the monkey bars. I’m off, but I will be back to let you know how the thinking about painting went. Happy Monday because it is Monday here. If you’re past Monday, can’t help ya.

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2 Responses to “I was in Milan.”

  1. PLEASE! Just tell us you weren’t in Victoria’s Secret!

  2. Wow, I suppose he could have been trying it on for his girlfriend, if she was the same size. Nah, it was probably for him.

    Painting, eh? I need to do that, but I’m scared to even attempt it.

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