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October 30, 2007

Nothing beats orange palms.

I love Halloween. By love, I mean, who invented it? Who came up with the tradition to take huge, orange vegetables and cut the tops of them off, scoop out the enormous amounts of stringy shit and seeds and then attempt to be ‘artistic’ on the surface of them? Huh? Who? I’d like to slap thank them hard.

I decided that my 2 youngest children needed five pumpkins as opposed to just one each. Who buys 5 pumpkins? Someone who seemed to forget just from last Halloween how absolutely fun it is to carve pumpkins. Wow. She sounds like a moron.

By the time I was done carving the said 5 pumpkins, my hands looked like I got into Lindsay Lohan’s medicine cabinet. No, no, no, not like all white n’ powdery and stuff, but orange. My hands honestly looked like I’d had a bad fight with a huge bottle of self tanner. I was day-glowing. They’re still slightly ‘tanned’ today even after showering. Not the most attractive look.

As for the pumpkins, I might take pictures of them tomorrow night when they are all lit up and glowing and share them with you because I know ya’ll (my tribute to Britney) be waiting for them. I have nothing else to say, so I’m going to go eat a pumpkin.

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October 27, 2007

I killed Barney?

Don’t panic kids, I don’t think I really killed Barney, however, if you looked inside my washer you may have a different opinion about that:


Seems washing a fluffy, fuzzy, furry rug is not recommended because your washer will tear the shit out of it. It did come out of the dryer looking relatively nice. It was at least clean.


It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m absolutely not dressed looking so stylish, Vogue will probably be calling any minute now. I have cleaned my house, ran the dishwasher, talked to a friend (who I’m worried about…she called me the President of worry…sweet huh?), fed my kids, gave the cat 90 seconds of undivided attention, made beds, put laundry away and have given serious thought to making cookies. You know, because we all need bigger asses. Right now, it’s just an idea I’m rolling around in my head and it does require some effort, and quite frankly I’m not sure I have any effort to give today. I’m tired. Whiney I know.

I laughed at my husband last night because as we were all out at one of our favourite restaurants torturing the waitress having a nice meal, his cell phone rang. It was however, a wrong number unbeknownst to us for the 10 seconds he was on it. I hear, “Hello? Oh. No, okay, sure, thank you!” I ask him who’s calling him at 8pm on a Friday night on his business number?

Oh it was a wrong number.

Oh. Then why did you thank the person like they had just given you money or want a job done?

I always thank people who call and it’s a wrong number.

Oh. Umm. Why?

I’m not entirely sure.

Oh. crazy much?

I suppose, maybe that one day one of those wrong numbers could possibly turn into a potential customer, so hey, why not thank them for being so dumb, dialing a wrong number? Like who does that? I’ve never dialed the wrong number. Now my fingers have, those lazy bitches, not watching what they’re doing, but not me personally. See how that works? I’m on the ball at all times. Sharp.

‘Member how I was telling you about my new Crockpot/slowcooker? If you don’t, scroll down, it’s somewhere on here but I’m too lazy to go find the damn post and link it. It ain’t that far back. As I was saying, I’ve now cooked 3 meals in that thing and my family is happy that the cramps and vomiting have now stopped from my past cooking ‘incidents’. See how nicely life works out? Ya. Speaking of food, I must go eat something other than vodka apples. Have a great weekend and all that jazz.

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