Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
I did it.

October 17, 2007

Remember when I talked about needing to get the bedroom downstairs in my home painted? No? Holy. You’ve got the attention span of a chihuahua. Anyway, no time to be petty on my part, I’ve things to discuss that are of great importance. Really.

I did it. I got the painting done. And with little incident. Unlike the time I painted this room. I did of course get some paint where I really didn’t want to. On my pants, in my hair, on my arms, on the blinds, on the floor, on the tv, on the dvd player and on the cat (don’t ask). Other than that, it went pretty smoothly. I really should become a professional painter. Home owners would love to see me coming with a can of paint and a brush. Roll your eyes here because I am.

Today my youngest children are going to be totally freaked out. Our 19 year is coming back to live with us and we’ve not told them. So we are dressing him up to disguise him and giving him a bag of potatoes to ‘pretend’ he’s selling door to door. You know, often we get potato sellers ringing our doorbell. However, I’m sure my kids won’t know that usually that doesnt happen. I’m of course video taping it and will show you the results pending the entertainment value. If the video sucks, I’ll just make something exciting up and tell you the video camera ‘broke’ unfortunately.

Oh, forgot to mention my trip to the grocery store. I swear I’m jinxed. I was standing in line at customer service and there was one other woman ahead of me returning something. Another lady comes up beside me and shoves her receipt in my face, literally and starts talking to me in Chinese and although I do not know one single word of the Chinese language, I’m quite certain she was swearing. I’m unclear why she was hollering at me about her purchase because I don’t work at the grocery store, either as a checkout chick or in customer service. She kept throwing her arms up in disgust and pointing to her receipt and pleading with me (I think) to help her. I shrugged my shoulders in a display of ‘I don’t know how to help you’ but she apparently didn’t care or wasn’t paying attention to my flailing limbs. She continually pointed to an item on her receipt and would then look at me with angry eyes. I thought for sure she was going to poke mine out. She was shooting lazer beams of pissed off-ness at me and I was sorta scared. I was hoping the lady ahead of me would hurry up so I could ask the clerk to hold me. I mean save me. Finally, it was my turn to go to the counter and angry woman beside me, followed me up to the counter. The cashier looked at us and asked me if we were together? Ummm, well we’ve spent a lovely 2 minutes in angry and frightened (on my part) togetherness but now I must move on. Not happy lady is still flipping her receipt all around in an attempt to be noticed. I quickly explained why I was at customer service so the cashier could shoot wait on upset lady because I thought for sure she was going to humanly combust at any moment. After another tortuous minute, I was done and on my way, far, far away from the scowling crazy person.

That about sums up my life over the last few days. I’m just about in a coma too, so get over it. What else exciting do you have to read? Nada. You can thank me for making your day just a little bit brighter. Call me Ms. Ray of Sunshine.

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2 Responses to “I did it.”

  1. OMG I can’t WAIT for the video. Take good video woman, or I will cut you.

  2. Hehehe, I live near Seattle. Angry, non-english speakers are part of the day here. But none-the-less still a bit scary.

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