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Whatcha’ buyin’? Oh nothin’.

October 18, 2007


I worked sooo hard today. What did I do you ask? Let me tell you. I spent about, approximately, sorta, perhaps, kinda FIVE HOURS 20 minutes on the phone with my wench Angie and we SHOPPED browsed on Ebay. And, and, and, get this…..I witnessed her Ebay virginity being taken. How awesome is that? I walked her through the transaction like a proud mother bird watching her baby bird fall from the tree. Wait, not fall, fly. Ya fly. That’s what I meant. No, seriously, she did fine. And by fine, I mean she should step away from the Ebay. I’m kidding. She really did suck at the whole Ebay thing. Joking. She’s not to be trusted with a mouse and a monitor and an Ebay account. Again, I’m teasing. It’s called sarcasm. Try it sometime, you might just like it. I recommend it with a bowl of cereal. Nothin’ says fun like Shredded Wheat and a side of sarcasm. Yum. Ha. Where’s my medication you ask? Ya, I think I forgot to take it. Note to self: Find it.

Anyway, after doing all that shopping shopping shopping work, we decided we should get off the phone because 20 minutes was a long time. Nine am to 2pm, IS twenty minutes right? Right. Thought so. Calculating time is my forte. I should be a timesmith along with the wordsmith that I am. Ooh double threat. Shaaaazam!

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3 Responses to “Whatcha’ buyin’? Oh nothin’.”

  1. Wow, I don’t know how you found that pic, but it’s scary/borderline hilarious, lol.

  2. OMG….lmfao! You bags had a convo that long and didnt invite me….and what up with that Kettle??? LMFAO

  3. OMG.

    How did you find that pic??

    I totally told them to take it off the site! It was an accident, I just wasn’t thinking!


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