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What’s a 6ft man doing in my closet?

October 18, 2007

Well apparently that’s normal and not shocking at all. Why? Because my kids thought nothing of their big brother, hiding in the downstairs bedroom in the closet after being away for 6 months. I shot a short video of the scenerio (less than 2 mins incase you were worried that’d it be some asine, long winded boring piece of crap home video but I can assure you, you will wish you had a bag of popcorn to fully enjoy the full one minute and 50 seconds…yawn) and you can see it HERE.

You can hear the insanity in my voice, wondering why my children didn’t think it was the least bit odd that Matt was IN. THE. CLOSET. As in HIDING. ‘Oh you’ve been away for 6 months but ya, of course you’d be hiding in the bedroom closet’. Sounds logical to me. They quickly moved on to regular chit chat, wanting him to see our new cat. You remember her, she’s a Ninja. They wanted to know how long he was going to be living here. Ryan wants to know if it’s forever. Ummm I love my children and having them here obviously, but let’s not get crazy. Forever is a very, very long time. So no, he won’t be living here forever. Let’s not use the word forever. For awhile is more appropriate. Just sayin’.

There you have it, he arrived safe and sound is back to work. Now stay tuned because I will have yet another video (get that popcorn poppin’), this time of my 20 year old who is coming back. I’m not even shitting you. However, he’s not staying as long. He’ll be leaving in March to go back east. It’ll be fun though, having all 4 kids home, wreaking havoc and causing chaos in our home. I mean who doesn’t just absolutely love chaos? Chaos is practically my middle name. Right after crazy.

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One Response to “What’s a 6ft man doing in my closet?”

  1. Love how calm your kids are! LOL

    Matt looks great! My kids were more excited watching the video then the response you received. haha.. how bout you send Matt to my house and we’ll tape my kids freaking out for you k? :P

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