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Wanna hear my news?  I got a J.O.B.

November 1, 2007

Edit: Wanted to include a “picture” of Karen and I, as coworkers on the site-aren’t we cute? Of course, duh!

Karen & I famecrawler

Not just any job, a writing job. Writing! I love to eat, sleep and watch tv too but don’t get paid for that write, it’s one of my great passions (of course along with photography), you know, besides Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked icecream.

So where am I working? Let me tell you the whole story. Get popcorn and a drink because you’re gonna be here awhile or bored and you might as well keep busy with food and drink.

One of my super best friends Karen called me on Monday. I was busy sleeping curing some disease when the phone rang. She told me that one of the writers where she writes left the job and wanted to know if I was interested in the position. Well hells bells. Yes!

She then tells me to write to the ‘boss man’ and ‘be funny’. Well that’s not gonna happen easy because I’m funny 24/7, even while sleeping, so that’s not difficult at all to achieve. I write an email to apply for the position, and I’d like to believe I was offered the job less than 24 hours later because the boss thought I was rivoting, couldn’t take his eyes off of my email sorta deal. Or, it may be, because they were desperate for another writer and desperation makes people do things they wouldn’t normally do, like hiring me. Either way, I got the job!

You can find me at Babble (Fame Crawler) and if you want to read any of my stories, I’m giving you my blessing to do so (aren’t I sweet?) (No seriously, read them. Please?). You can also read my co worker’s stories too-’The Lead Blogger’, ‘The Caffeinated’, ‘The Gossip Whore’, ‘The Brat (Karen, the awesome chick who recommended me), and me, again, this is all about me, ‘The Princess’ (Sassy Smith).

Aren’t you just so excited for me? I, um, actually get paid for writing about celebs and I don’t have to be nice when I’m writing about them either, although I can’t really swear or call their kids ugly but I can so get past that. Can you even imagine my excitement? Let’s just say my excitement is annoying my family, it’s that good.

A big thank you to Karen, Whit and Ada for helping me get started (Karen said she was so happy I wasn’t a tool, ha) and to my fellow co-workers, who welcomed me aboard. I was going to send you all cash as a thank you, but that’s tacky. Instead, wrap your arms around yourself and give yourself a hug, from me to you. Aren’t I thoughtful? Yes, of course I am.

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7 Responses to “Wanna hear my news? I got a J.O.B.”

  1. you. are. such. a. dork.

    you forgot to tell them about your screenshot…ha ha ha….
    congrats, dork. :)

  2. Grats on the job. I got to irritate my family with my excitement over a reusable grocery bag this week. I’m still quite thrilled, they are quite confused.

  3. Congrats on the new job. It’s great to get paid for doing something you really like. I am off to read your stories…and other gossipy ones. :)

  4. I have a job. having a job sucks. i wish i were gay so i could have s sugar daddy.

  5. You left off the pity option. Then there was the extortion.

    Hey wait, that email was supposed to be funny?

  6. Ozy, I can set you up. Gimme your number. Ha!
    And speaking of extortion Whit, um, where’s my Starbucks? I see, you have time to stand in line at the DMV but don’t have time to get a frappiccino for your employee. Nice. And funny email? Ha, I don’t do funny. Funny is so lame. ;)

  7. Still catching up, but wanted to say congrats!

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