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Going to bed at a decent time, what’s that?

November 10, 2007

It’s past 1am Saturday morning and I’m still sitting here. Why? I should clarify that I’ve not been sitting here since Friday. I do get off my ass and actually get things done. Such as? I don’t remember, but I think it was important. I’ll get some sleep at some point, like WHEN I’M DEAD. However, I don’t think I’ll enjoy quite as much as I do now.

I still have my job by the way, incase you were wondering. It really is a hoot getting to write about Britney Spears and how she must have mashed potatoes for brains. I write about other ‘celebs’ too but BS (ha, nice initials, very appropriate) is my all time favourite. She’s just so easy. Ain’t that the truth? Getting paid to make fun of celebrities is kinda mean the best thing EVER but a girl’s gotta make enough dough to keep her shoe fetish going a living right?

I’ve been listening to my boyfriend’s new song lately and my grown boys hate it. They trash my insane ridiculous fantasy that only a crazy person would dream about man every chance they get but what do they know? They think the sounds of their farts are ‘music’, so there you go, not taking any music advice from them.

Did you realize that Christmas is like 50 some odd days away? Or maybe it’s less. I dunno and I’m not getting up to look at the calendar or count it out in my head. That would require way too much effort which I just don’t have time for. Anyway, I’m about half done my Christmas shopping and what I do have bought, is all wrapped. How sick is that? That’s so sick, it’s awesome. My youngest son is wanting to put up Christmas decorations like now, but I’m going to try to hold him off for at least another 2 weeks, which is probably pointless because he’ll wear me down. He’s very persistant at times. Wish me luck.

My husband and oldest son are going to a hockey game tomorrow night. Battle of Alberta…Calgary Flames and Edmonton soilers Oilers, so it should be a good game. My son, however, doesn’t know that he’s going yet. My husband is surprising him at the last minute. I wanted to go but since my child has tattooed the Flames logo on his arm, I’m thinking he’s probably more of a hockey fan than I am. I might get edgy and draw their symbol with a Sharpie on my face but that’s as far as I’m willing to go. I’ll just stay home and eat way too much Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked read the dictionary like I do every Saturday night.

I’m heading to bed now so I should say good night. By heading to bed, I mean my ass is going to sit her for at least another hour. Sweet dreams.

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One Response to “Going to bed at a decent time, what’s that?”

  1. LOL!!

    Congrats (belated) on the job! I think that’s the most perfect thing ever! Except you, of course. So I guess that means it’s the most perfect thing ever for you.


    I’ve confused myself now.

    Anyway, You went to bed at the end of this post and haven’t posted since. So are you still sleeping? If so you should wake up now, because I’m actually finding time to make my bloggy rounds and you need to update

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