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I’m awake now (for Chris).

November 13, 2007

Chris, who by the way, thinks I’m perfect (ya), wanted me to update because she was making her bloggy rounds. Natually, I’m willing to oblige her. Yes, I’m awake now and have been for quite some time. I woke at 5am and never really got back to sleep, which sort of sucks.

I have so much to do today and barely know where to begin, plus my daughter is home sick so that sort of throws a wrench into things. She’s comfortably watching tv right now, and not barfing, and for that, I’m thankful. Cleaning puke wasn’t on my ‘to do’ list for this morning and I’d like to keep it that way.

We did more Christmas shopping on the weekend and I love that we are getting close to being done. I’m sure you’re thrilled for me. My husband told my oldest boys they could shop for me at the ‘Love Stop’ or ‘Adult Source’. Nice huh? He’s such a comedian, makes me want to kick him in the balls laugh so hard. I told them, if I see any sort of funky looking box, weird or oblong shapes, I’m not even opening it and they may get a punch in the face. I had a friend back in high school, who played a joke on me…let’s just say it involved the public and ‘good vibrations’. I never want to re-visit that memory thank you very much.

Well, this is short, sweet and boring but I gotta run and get my shiznat done. Chris, I hope you’re happy that I updated just for you and I’ll expect some $20′s in a plain white envelope. Ah, with my name and address on it. And a stamp. Cheery-o all. Peace out. See ya. Smell ya later. What, am I 12? Yes, in my mind I am.

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3 Responses to “I’m awake now (for Chris).”

  1. Having a youthful mind is the secret to a long life unless of course you get killed pulling some stupid teenage prank or stunt.
    Kudos on the shopping. Likewise we are nearly done with ours. Kinda takes the fun out of it though, not having to run around at the last minute. And if you wait long enough shopping gets real easy cause there aint nothing left to schoose from.

  2. Some gave you a vibrator?? Do you still have it????? I mean inquiring minds need to know this crap.

  3. Is cleaning puke up ever on anyones list?
    You know, I read somewhere that a woman’s brain stops maturing at age 19. Maybe you stunted yours at 12 or something? I’m just saying because I have a pretty youthful thought process but I don’t think that I’ve ever said shiznat. Just thought I’d point it out.

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