Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
I can’t help you.

December 4, 2007

Is it just me or has customer service gone down the tubes? In the crapper? Down the shithole? I swear, that no one wants to help anyone anymore. Bahumbug!

I wanted to find out where a certain set of pictures were at a certain place that I normally order all of my photographs and I can’t believe how helpful the person on the other end of the phone was. By helpful, I mean she may as well have farted into the ear piece and told me what a bitch she is. Would have saved me alot of pissed-off-ness.

Hi, I’d like to know if my photos are in yet, please? I have the confirmation number for you.

I can’t help you.


I can’t help you, like at all.

Why not?

‘Cause I just can’t. Like can you call back?

Are you with another customer?

Um, nope. Like can you call back tomorrow?

Um, no I can’t. I’ve been trying for two days now to find out where my pictures are and it’s slightly frustrating when I can’t get any answers.

Ya, well, I totally can’t help you. You can call back tomorrow and talk to the manager.

Oh you can bet I’ll talk to the manager but for today, you are going to help me. Like now.

Oh. Um. Okay. I guess I can.


I give Miss Ihaveabigfuckingattitude my confirmation number and she enters it into their system.

Ya, like that number doesn’t work.

What do you mean it doesn’t work?

It says, it’s not valid.

Okay, are you sure you’re entering it correctly? Would you please try again?

Ya. It still doesn’t work.

Oh, well that might mean my order is there. I know once it’s been shipped, the confirmation number becomes void. Could you check for me? It’s an online order.

No, like I can’t.

Pardon? Why not?

This really isn’t my department.

This isn’t the photolab?

Ya it is.

You don’t work at the photolab department?

Ya I do.

I’m confused. If this is the photolab, you work in the photolab department, why can’t you help me?

I dunno. But like can you call back? Thanks, that’d be great.


Are you kidding me? She was one of the most rude, inconsiderate,ignorant little bitches I’ve ever had to deal with. I tried calling back but no answer. I tried calling for AN HOUR. No answer. By then, it was 10pm and the store was closed. Steam was rolling outta my ears. Big time.

I head to the store the very next day, and go straight to the photolab and there’s a young guy working at the counter. I tell him that I think my order is in but that the dumb little shit that was working the night before wasn’t very cooperative so I wasn’t sure. He found my photos in less than a minute. They were in a carton beside the cash register. It took all of my strength not to go behind the counter and ask (the very friendly dude) where the twit from previous night was because I was going to hurt her. Real bad.

It pleased me that my photos turned out, so I guess I’ll get over it. Or not. However, if I ever encounter that “I like totally can’t help you” I may just have to punch her.

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4 Responses to “I can’t help you.”

  1. OMG!

    Please tell me you at least spoke with a manager about this! That’s just…..unreal!

    Glad your pics turned out! Are you going to share them or What!!!

  2. I’m glad your pic’s were there! I would have demanded the Manager fire that little skank!

  3. Was that Wal-Mart? Not that it matters, she was plain rude and I do hope you talked to some manager somewhere about it. Or at least wrote a ltter of complaint

  4. “she may as well have farted into the ear piece and told me what a bitch she is”

    LMAO! I’m totally going to do that to the next telemarketer who calls my house.

    It’d be funny if the girl had diarrhea and that’s why she wanted you to call back.

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