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Calaway Park & Schmap.com

January 7, 2008


See that photo? Yup that one. It was taken this past summer at Calaway Park here in Calgary. One of my best friends and I bought season passes and took our kids several times during July and August.

While we wished we were in an air conditioned building happily slugged along, our kids ran ahead excitedly. I snapped some photos and the above picture in now featured at http://www.schmap.com HERE, which is kinda cool. So if you’re looking for a fun place to take your kids and have a giant bunny hug them, Calaway Park is the way to go. Yay baby!

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4 Responses to “Calaway Park & Schmap.com”

  1. I want a bunny hug…
    but that’s a looooooooooong drive from florida
    Guess Disney will have to do
    or sea world
    or bush gardens
    or wet n wild

  2. Seriously, could you get any more famous? You are just like the most rocking awesome chica I know :-D

  3. The RFS Blog Awards are back! Go nominate!

  4. I am gonna miss Calaway this year!!!
    Good for you on the featured photo hun!!!!

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