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Heath Ledger is dead.

January 23, 2008

heath ledger

I get to write about celebrities every single day. I can be snarky, snotty and sarcastic if I so choose (and alot of the time I am -sarcastic is my middle name). Most of the time it’s fun -however, when we have to write about a celebrity dying, it’s hard. It’s a weird line to walk. It’s our job to write the stories, especially if it’s a breaking news story. And yet, at the same time, it makes you feel guilty. Heath Ledger was a great actor and more importantly, he was a dad to a young daughter. I just keep picturing his ex having to explain to their 2-year-old that her daddy is gone.

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5 Responses to “Heath Ledger is dead.”

  1. i read one of your comments somewhere online today about heath ledger not hanging himself…you say he was filming a new movie, but don’t explain what that has to do with his not hanging himself. speculation is running rampant about the ladder police were seen taking into and out of the apartment. do you know anything about that?

  2. Hey Bella, I haven’t heard any rumors about Heath hanging himself. I think it’s known that he died in his bed due to possible medications/overdose, most likely accidental. Noone will know anything for at least 10 days and even then test results may come back inconclusive.

  3. far too young

  4. So Sad! I was shocked when hubby called and said. I hadn’t been online or watching tv that morning.
    Way too young!

  5. I was so incredibly sad about this too. I used to have a crush on him as a teen after watching 10 Things I Hate About You so I’m sad in that way but I’m also sad as a parent to three little kids. It makes you start to think about what would happen if you left your kids. Plus he was my age so it makes you think of your own mortality. It’s all just very sad.

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