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Healthy hair.

February 12, 2008

me red hair

I met the nicest girl the other night. I had stopped into Starbucks to grab my personal crack addiction favourite drink, a Strawberries ‘n cream and as I was waiting for it, I hear, “excuse me.”

I turn around and a young girl (she later told me she was 23 – holy, I’m almost old enough to be her mother – you know, if I had given birth at 2.) was sitting in the chair enjoying her own drink. She wanted to know what shampoo I use because she thought my hair looked so pretty and healthy. Can you imagine how nice it is to be stopped and told how fan-tabulous your hair is? I hated my hair growing up but did learn to love it. Anyway, I told her, then we went on to have a nice conversation about hair, celebrities (told her what I do), just stuff in general. We chatted for about 15 minutes before I had to go. It was just nice that two strangers could have a fun conversation.

I should have totally gotten her phone number! Then I could pester her to go to Starbucks with me. Then she would call the authorities for stalking. Then I’d have to go to court. Then I’d have spend time in jail. Then my hair would suck. Oh see, now that would be bad. Imaginative? Yes, yes I am.

Anyway, thanks to stranger girl for saying nice things about me.

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3 Responses to “Healthy hair.”

  1. Ah…beware of meeting friends in Starbucks. I had an instantaneous mutual girl crush with a woman I met at Starbucks…we were friends for several months when she suddenly went psycho!!!!! It was terribly hurtful.

    But I have encounters like that all the time…living in a small town in the south, pretty much everyone here has “never met a stranger.”

  2. Gawd, is it wrong to admit that I’ve secretly admired your hair since I started reading your blog?

  3. Oh it’s totally fine to gush over me. Anytime…hahahhaa

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