Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
The Calgary Flames

February 24, 2008


Is it every day you can say you were hit in the head by a Calgary Flames player? The answer is no! However, I can totally say that. Cory Sarich hit me in the head (ah for non Flames fans, that is a photo of Iginla, because he’s hot my favourite). As for me being hit in the head by Sarich, read on:

We attended the Calgary Flames Skills Competetion back in January (yes I’m just now writing about it because I wanted to have pictures to show you and I had taken over 200 and just got them uploaded – hey I’ve been busy) and we were lucky enough to get seats directly behind where some of the team was sitting. There are different things going on during the Skills Competetion – obviously skill stuff, duh, but also things being thrown into the crowd, because let me tell you, that takes some talent.

There are T-shirts being thrown, chunks of ice, hockey sticks – naw, I’m kidding about the ice and sticks but they do throw other things besides shirts. As I’m sitting in my seat, minding my own business, taking some photos, I’m momentarily stunned by a sharp pain on the right side of my head and ear. I look over at my husband and oldest son, who I figured would be opening their mouths to ask me if I’m okay, because, clearly I was in pain. I do see them open their mouths but no words of sympathy come out. Instead my son is oviously quite thrilled.

Woo Hoo! Wow I can’t believe that!

What? What can’t you believe? I was hit in the head by something and man does it hurt.

Ya I know! Awesome eh?!

Awesome that I was hit in the head?


Um, no not awesome. I think my ear is going to fall off.

Probably not but holy shit, that is awesome!

Why is it awesome? Explain to me how me in pain is awesome?

Duh, you got hit in the head with an autographed frisbee! Cory Sarich signed it and threw it and it hit you in the head and I caught it! Ya!

Well then, never mind my bleeding wounded half falling off ear, just as long as you got an autographed frisbee. Glad my ear and head could help.

Woo Hoo!

Ya, woo hoo.

Anyway, got some decent photos – I still had the glass to attend with but it was cool being that up-close. My favourite player is Iggy and a close second (my oldest son’s fav) is Dion Phaneuf. Here are a few pics and there’s more HERE.





*My son Sean was able to meet Craig Conroy a few weeks ago*

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5 Responses to “The Calgary Flames”

  1. Sorry you got hit, really I am….but that is so freaking cool!! LOL

    Pretty awesome for not being a fan!!

    Fans don’t ever get hit!!! LOL

  2. Great shots btw!!!!

  3. I wish you could have gotten a picture of your face when you got hit…. :D

  4. “I think my ear is going to fall off.”

    I cannot stop laughing at that line.

  5. [...] of ‘07 and she’s now dating Calgary Flames defenceman Dion Phaneuf (go Phaneuf!…yes he’s my second fav after Iggy) and while Sean views that as “sloppy seconds,” I say she’s moved up. Big [...]

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