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When cows come running.

March 11, 2008

I love my cameras. I love taking pictures. I’ve been doing it for many years now and don’t plan to stop anytime soon.

Last week, my husband asked if he could borrow my smaller camera. I said sure. He doesn’t often take pictures but he wanted to go shoot some wildlife photos. Before he left, he had asked me to charge the battery. I put the battery in the charger and then headed out, telling him to call me if he needed help figuring out the camera.

He calls me a couple of hours later and asks me if the camera battery is charged. I tell him it should really charge for several hours but it should be good enough for the short time he’ll need it.

I get home later in the afternoon and see the battery for the camera – still in the charger. I start laughing, because duh, how is he supposed to take pics if the battery is missing? Well he can’t.

He and oldest son get home sometime after dark and when husband walks in, I start laughing and tell him I hope he didn’t see something fantastic that he took photos of because, ah, they won’t turn out. I show him the battery still in charger. He sorta laughs – kinda, not really. I ask him to bring my camera in from the truck but he had already locked it up and said he’d get it in the morning. No biggie.

A couple of days go by and I ask him to bring the camera in before he leaves for work. He goes out to his truck and comes back in a few minutes later – with no camera.

Where’s the camera?

I don’t know. That’s weird, I must have brought it in on Monday night.

Um, no you didn’t – I asked you when you came in to get it and you said it was locked in the truck.

Okay, I’ll check again. He checks again. No camera.

Okay, strange, but it’s not in my truck.

Not in your truck? OMG tell me you didn’t lose another camera? He’d lost my other camera last fall, somewhere in the great big wilderness of Alberta.

I can’t see me losing TWO cameras.

I hope not. That’s TWO cameras.

He arrives home after work and realizes that the camera is no where in his truck. At all.

I can’t find the camera.

You can’t find it? For real? Are you shitting me?

No I’m not kidding you.

Um, you lost ANOTHER camera? It’s practically brand new! AND, I had 10 videos of the kids and 100 photos on it!

I’ll get it.

You’ll get it? Where is it?

I must have left it out on Mark’s property, somewhere in the field.

Somewhere in the field? You mean the acres and acres of field?


Oh well, that should be easy. My camera lying out in the wilderness. Wild animals eating it.

I don’t think the wild animals are going to eat your camera. And we have no snow and it’s going to be nice here for the next few days. I’ll go out on Saturday and get it.

You’re just going to “get it?”



Saturday rolls around and I decided I’m going with him. I mean I want to see him actually find it. I’m not believing it.

We drive out to the farm, which is an hour away. The owner is there and tells us to go through another gate, not the one that hubby normally goes through when he’s there. We drive down and then spend almost 2 hours driving through the massive field, husband trying to figure out where he was parked days ago. The field is free of snow, so the black camera bag will be easy to spot should we actually find it.

He’s convinced that he must have set it on the truck when he got back from his walk and then when he drove off, it had fallen and was lying in the field. After hours of looking, we head back down to the main yard. Hubby says he’s going to walk over to the gate he normally goes through – we couldn’t previously drive through there because the owner had brought his calves closer to the main yard, so it was gated off.

After a few minutes, I see my husband walking back to the SUV with my camera bag! OMG! It was there, in the bag, I was in shock – he actually found it. My heart is skipping a beat. Here’s a picture:


Isn’t it lovely? My heart soon stopped skipping and I pretty much had a stroke right there. My practically brand new camera, which was a replacement for the OTHER one that my husband lost. And the best part of all of this? Had he gone on Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday or Friday to search for the camera, it would have most likely been just fine. But just our luck – the farmer had just let his cattle out through that gate Saturday morning. My poor camera hadn’t a chance – it was trampled by 85 700 pound calves. Moo.

Yes, he’s buying me a another new one. I’m going to stock up on disposable cameras for him. Say cheese.

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12 Responses to “When cows come running.”

  1. Wow. if this had happened to me, I would not have even been able to blog about it becuase I’m pretty sure that there is no wireless when you are locked up for Murder.

  2. I thought of murder, but the food probably sucks and I look like shit in stripes. Ha!

  3. I saw the picture of the camera and thought “Geez! Was it trampled by a herd of cattle, or what??” Heh… That hurts!

  4. my last one drowned in a canoe accident

  5. Oh that sucks. But think of the joy a new camera brings!

  6. My husband would be sleeping wit those cows. Gah!! He would never even ask to use my camera since he knows I’d never let him. LOL

  7. OMG! What kind of camera is that, as in “How much”?

    Sounds like something my husband would do.

  8. Ah well, it was a camera that was $500 – you know, chump change. By chump change, I mean ALOT of money to me. I’m anxious to get my new one, which not sure WHEN that’s going to happen. Sigh.

  9. I like how he didn’t right away admit to not knowing where it was, and then switched tactics to “I brought it in the other day, where’d YOU put it?” That’s something my husband would do. Divert and run for cover.

  10. LOL Candy – oh yes, I could feel the, “oh honey where’d YOU put it?” Like it’s MY fault. Ha!

  11. My brain just went ACK at that last picture.

  12. AWW!!!

    I would have cried. And then hurt him. And then cried some more.

    Good excuse to upgrade though! lol

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