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CSI Miami Season Ender – I Know the Answers!

May 20, 2008

I know I’m saying WTF a lot lately, but really, WTF? Did you watch the season ender of CSI Miami? I’m not happy (or am I?). I’m going to give away the ending, so stop now if you’ve not seen it because I WILL be ruining it for you. Oh and I’ve totally figured out the season opener for September.

I love CSI Miami – or more importantly Horatio. I’m not sure why, I can’t answer that question. There’s something about his cheesy one-liners that keep me riveted to the television. When he just gives us ‘that’ look after taking off his sunglasses (or putting them on), it’s like I’m hypnotized. Call me weird, but I’m openly admitting it.

The show ended with Caine having been apparently shot and then lying seemingly dead on the airport tarmac and then we see Ryan Wolfe get a text message saying, “it’s done,” in reference to the bad dude in prison saying he wants Horatio dead. Oh the mystery! And we also see prior to this – Horatio’s son with a gun, perhaps implying that his kid shot him?

Okay, first, I’m suggesting you don’t get your panties in a bunch like I did when I first watched it. I’m an amateur detective and I think I’ve figured out what’s happening. Horatio is not dead (duh) because the star of the show isn’t going to be killed off, unless, you know, CBS wants the SHOW TO DIE. Like it or not, David Caruso IS CSI Miami.

Anyway, here’s my shot at it (no pun) – Horatio is faking his death so he can go after the bad guys and get rid of them, uh, illegally. As in shoot ‘em up and bury the bodies. He’s going to go into the depths of hell to get them. And the text message to Ryan – it’s from Horatio! Horatio wants Wolfe to know he’s ‘now dead’ (pretend dead) so he can play the part of the grieving co-worker. Totally figured this one out! No need to thank me – well you can send cash to show some gratitude.

Oh how I can’t wait until September to see if my theory is on the money. And would someone please bed Emily? That chick needs to get laid, she’s a tad too serious. Just sayin’.

In case you missed it, here’s the last couple of mins:

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3 Responses to “CSI Miami Season Ender – I Know the Answers!”

  1. HoCaine in his blood. What a nice image. Seriously, that was some lame episode

  2. I didn’t even think of Horatio sending the text!

  3. Lame ending of a lame show

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