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Desperate Housewives – Edie’s comin’ back!!

June 30, 2008

It’s a bloody heatwave here – well, I think. It’s hot as hell (not that I’d know how hot hell is, but you know what I mean – I might know in about 50 years, for now, I’m guessing), and I’m crabby and thought, what would cheer me up? Cash? A date with Brad Pitt? Someone presenting me with diamonds? Sure, those are all things that would be nice, but I’m pretty certain, none of them are happening anytime soon. But…..

….I just found out through the grapevine (uh, the internet) that Nicollette Sheridan IS coming back to play evil, bitchy Edit Britt! Yay! She was written out of last season’s show but I guess the writers got a clue (or heard me whining) and are bringing her back. Or maybe they planned this all along and wanted to play with our minds. Ha. And they call Edie evil.

So, there you go, some great news to start off your Monday morning gossip shootin’ the shit around the water cooler. You can thank me later. Wink wink.

I must go finish sweating to death now. Kthxbai.

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One Response to “Desperate Housewives – Edie’s comin’ back!!”

  1. Good! But I’m still disappointed how they ended last season.

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