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July 16, 2008

30 Minutes.

That’s the amount of sleep I got last night. Thirty freakin’ minutes. I managed to doze off for a bit after 4 a.m. Why? Because I was lucky enough to get what my kids were plagued with last week.

I spent the day drooling on the couch, trying to work, but feeling like I was moving in slow motion and really, all I wanted to do was go crawl in bed for the day. However, that’s sorta hard to do when you have kids to look after. I haven’t eaten in about 24 hours and the thought of food right now, is pretty much grossing me out. I am hoping I can sleep tonight, even if only for short periods at a time. Here’s to hoping wishes come true.

I’m just hoping that my kids don’t get sick again – OMG I will pack my bags and run for the hills if that’s the case. Okay, that’s an empty threat, but still, it feels good to say it. Speaking of kids…they want to eat supper. The nerve! Where is someone to look after me when I’m sick? Not fair, moms have to continue to do all their regular things regardless of whether they’re well or not.

Sigh. Must go make food for my chillins. Anyone wanting to nurse me back to health, apply within. Mkthxbai.

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July 15, 2008

My new living room.

That is my new living room. A few different angles. Notice I like Judge Judy. Ignore the wires on the floor – we have to have those put in behind the TV and I’m guessing that will happen sometime before our youngest goes to high school. That is about 7 years from now.

I just noticed in the last photo – there’s a woman sitting on a couch with a blue cartoon type outline of a person. WTH is that? What was I watching besides Judge Judy???

Did I mention that our oldest, grown sons don’t live with us? *Insert clapping here* They’re only minutes away – just close enough for them to still annoy us but far enough away that we can pretend we’re not home. I love that! *If you’re reading this my dear sons, you know I’m just kidding 100% serious.*

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