Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
My new living room.

July 15, 2008

That is my new living room. A few different angles. Notice I like Judge Judy. Ignore the wires on the floor – we have to have those put in behind the TV and I’m guessing that will happen sometime before our youngest goes to high school. That is about 7 years from now.

I just noticed in the last photo – there’s a woman sitting on a couch with a blue cartoon type outline of a person. WTH is that? What was I watching besides Judge Judy???

Did I mention that our oldest, grown sons don’t live with us? *Insert clapping here* They’re only minutes away – just close enough for them to still annoy us but far enough away that we can pretend we’re not home. I love that! *If you’re reading this my dear sons, you know I’m just kidding 100% serious.*

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One Response to “My new living room.”

  1. It’s a commercial. The one where the restroom silhouette of the lady graphic on the door jumps off and sits by the real lady. The Baby LOVES that commercial, he’s mesmerized by it. He always goes “What’s that? What she doin’?”

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