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So ya, I turned 41, I mean 26.

August 1, 2008


Did I say 41? Silly me – I meant 26, seeing as I turned 25 last year. Duh.

You’re probably wondering what I did on my special day. Let me share the exciting details: I woke with a migraine, which, I thought, was a wicked awesome way to wake up and start the day, especially on THE DAY THAT I WAS BORN.

Then, my laptop must have been pms-ing because she (?) was slower than hell and royally pissing me off. My kids didn’t sleep in and my husband was home doing paperwork and small renovations that we are in the middle of, thus causing me to be in a funk because my usual morning routine was slightly disrupted.

None of my children or my husband realized it was my birthday – not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, because once you’re pushing the bone yard, 30, you don’t care as much as you used to about birthdays.

Around noon, my husband comes downstairs and asks me if it’s the 30th. Yes, I say. He says, really? Oh, I didn’t realize it was the 30th. So that means, IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY! Ya, great, it’s my birthday. Then each of my four kids came trickling in with their birthday wishes. My older two said it must be sad getting so old and that I must be depressed. Well I wasn’t but now that you point that shit out, sure, I’m now depressed.

My younger two then wished me a happy birthday, and then my daughter, who is a 55-year-old smartass woman in a 7-year-old’s body, says it must be awful to think you’re still young but when in reality, you’re basically old. Gee thanks. Thankfully my 12-year-old has the innocence of a angel and told me that I’m pretty. He’s definitely in my will. The other three – I’m gonna have to think about that.

I, after getting my work done, decided I’d do some house cleaning because nothing says ‘it’s your birthday and you’re special and you deserve a break’ more than sweating your ass off, dusting, mopping floors, doing toilets and cleaning the cat’s litterbox. Oh I feel like a princess!

I decided to take a nap around 4 p.m. ish as my head was about ready to explode at that point. I got a total of 12 minutes in before my kids decided that mom having a nap wasn’t acceptable and thus told me they were bored and I should really entertain them.

I got up, asked them to go play in traffic (OH I’M KIDDING) and then decided I’d get showered and do my hair, that perhaps I’d feel better. Which, surprisingly I did. And that’s the photo you see above – migraine slightly included. My husband called me – he’d left earlier in the afternoon – and asked if I’d like to go out to dinner, to which I agreed to. We ended up taking our daughter, which was fantastic because it was after 8 p.m., and by that time, she’s tired and crabby and complained the whole time we were out. It was a great way to have a nice meal – I don’t normally like WHINE with my meal but this was super. I had CHEESE with it.

I’m hoping 42, err, 27 is better.


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6 Responses to “So ya, I turned 41, I mean 26.”

  1. You look fantastic for an old broad!
    Happy belated…I haven’t hit 40 yet (its closing in on me quick tho) and I get that crap from my kids! Hell the hubs completely forgot my birthday year before last…

  2. happy birthday!

  3. And yet, you are absolutely gorgeous and don’t look a day over 24.

  4. Aww you guys are sweet. (checks are in the mail). ;)

  5. Oh sweetie, don’t you know that when it’s your birthday and nobody realizes it, you are allowed to run away from home for the day? You take your purse liquor with you and you go do whatever the hell you want! Take it from an old broad of 48 um I mean 28.

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