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Like Best Friends Forever.

August 16, 2008

Isn’t that a sweet photo? Ya, thought so. My girlfriend, who ‘loves me like a sister’ (feel the same way!) brought her middle daughter over yesterday so she could sleepover. My daughter Maddy (pictured on the left) and Gracie are just such great friends. They are a lot alike, which being a couple of divas, you’d think they would fight like cats and dogs – or divas. And they both have very strong personalities….But nope, they get along so well it’s almost scary.

I took the girls shopping yesterday and since I’m used to shopping for only one girl (and three boys), it was a treat really. Anyone who knows me, knows I sorta, kinda have a slight addiction to shopping. And I love shopping for girls and making purchases for two, was, well, double the fun.

I also had the pleasure of listening to their conversations, which are quite interesting to say the least. One is almost 8 (going on 18) and the other is 7 (going on 17)….slightly scary.

Maddy: OMG, like, I so want a convertable (after seeing one pass us on the road)!

Gracie: OMG, I know, me too! My mom wants to get me a punch-buggy, but I don’t like those.

Maddy: Me either! Like, my brother Ryan loves punch-buggies but I hate them.

Gracie: Ya, I know.

Maddy: We should pretend we are sisters all day. That will be so fun!

Gracie: I know, let’s do it. I want to be your sister.

Maddy: But we have different hair color, is that gonna suck?

Gracie: No it won’t. My sisters at home don’t really have the same color hair as me and like, we’re still sisters.

Maddy: Ya, you’re like right. OMG I wish you were my sister for real.

Gracie: Ya, me too. OMG I love that top!

Maddy: OMG, that is sooo pretty. I’ll ask my mom if she can, like, buy them for us. We’ll be like sisters who like wearing the same kind of clothes.

Gracie: Okay!

Mom bought them the shirts. And matching skirts. And matching hoodies. And matching socks. *Ahem*

Proceed to checkout….Madison starts talking to the lady waiting at the counter and telling her their life stories, all the while pretending they are sisters…

Maddy: OMG, this is gonna be so cool us having the same clothes. But my shirt like yours – mine is the pink one and yours is the green one are like two different sizes because I’m taller than you so I needed the medium and you needed the small but our skirts are both size 6X and our socks are like the same size because there is no size.

Gracie: I know, I like the skirts and the shirts are the same except they are like different colors, but that’s okay. Our hoodies are exactly the same. And we don’t want to wait until school starts to wear these because we want to match now.

Maddy: Ya, we want to match now.

Maddy: Um, you’re like my best friend.

Gracie: You’re mine too. I have other best friends.

Maddy: Ya, me too. I have like five best friends and you’re one of them. My mom said it’s okay to have more than one best friend because people have enough room in their hearts to like, love a lot of people and stuff.

Gracie: Ya, I have like a million best friends. Well, my whole class is my best friend. Except two stinky boys. They’re so not my best friends. Just the rest of the class.

Maddy: I know a couple of boys that I don’t like very much and no way would they EVER be my best friends. Never. OMG it’s so fun pretending to be sisters.

Gracie: I know, I wish I could sleepover for like a whole weekend because my sister Hanna got to go with auntie to spend the whole weekend and like I want to do that at your house.

Maddy: I know, maybe my mom will let us do that next weekend.

Gracie: I want to do that. My sister gets to go for the whole weekend and it should be fair so I should get to stay for a whole weekend.

Maddy: Ya things have to be like fair.

Gracie: Can we go in the pool later?

Maddy: Ya my mom said we could. I got two new bathing suits, well one is a bikini and the other is just a one-piece. They’re both green but I think the one-piece one is going to be too big. It’s like a size 8, but I really only take a 6X and sometimes a 7 but they didn’t have those sizes so my mom said get the 8 and if it’s too big, it’s okay. So I picked that one. I like your new sneakers.

Gracie: Thanks I like them too. I like your Hannah Montana sandals. You got those because you like Hannah Montana right?

Maddy: Ya, I like that show. I saw the Hannah Montana 3D movie at the theaters.

Gracie: I did too. I liked it. I like Hannah Montana, we watch that show all the time. Like a lot.

Maddy: Me too.

Gracie: I want to go to McDonalds. Your mom said she would take us.

Maddy: Ya she said she would. And I so want to get in the pool when we get home. It’s so hot out.

Gracie: I know. I have a pair of Hannah Montana sunglasses.

Maddy: Ya, me too.

I could go on, but like, you get the drift. The whole day, the two of them were chatty cathies and I’m sure they drove my son up the wall. He managed to keep himself occupied luckily. He did a lot of eye rolling and such.

The girls finally fell asleep around midnight and woke at 9 this morning – I could hear them upstairs giggling. They came down a short time later, once again dressed in matching outfits. Oh the life of little girl best friends!

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4 Responses to “Like Best Friends Forever.”

  1. OH MY GAWD, Like that is so cute. Like I remember when my daughter was that age and she was like, BFF with a girl who lived across the street. OMG and like they got us kicked out of Pizza Hut. Like OMG on a Football Friday Night for being to noisey. Like OH MY GAWD! Like they were the like talk of the school and it was sooo Cool.

  2. Haha – like kids are so cute. ;)

  3. ROFL! Too freaking cute. (I know we totally sound like that on the phone so Maddy got it from YOU!)

  4. Like dude, I never talk like that. Ha.
    And just a side note – when I read that first line, I thought I wrote, “look at the sweet potatoes.” Dork I know.

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