Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
My God my kids are ugly.

August 17, 2008

See for yourself. Don’t take my word for it – look at the photos and be the judge. Hey, what can I say? The milkman wasn’t pretty. (If you’re someone surfing the world wide weeeeeb, and come across this, don’t tell your friends that you found some chick’s site and that she said her kids are ugly and OMG she must be a crap mom – I’m kidding. Look up ‘sarcasm’ and you’ll see my photo. Kthxbai)

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8 Responses to “My God my kids are ugly.”

  1. Hideous! :P

  2. Who said ugly???

  3. If you have ugly kids then whose pictures are those? I love the red hair. They are gorgeous! So how did you get them to hold hands?? Did you bribe them? Did you put superglue on both side of a $100 bill and tell them whoever grabbed it first got to keep it?

  4. That red hair is Gorgeous.. I try to find it in a bottle every month and never get it quite right.

  5. Yup hundred dollar bills work best for bribery. ;)

    Thanks all!

  6. Very nice. :) I hope you’re having a nice summer! I bet you’re looking forward to September. I know I am– my mom works at a school, and it will be quite nice to be rid of her on my days off. :P

    Hey, when you see Matt next, can you please tackle him to the ground (rugby-style) and tell him that his old friend “Ashleen,” from high school is desperate to talk to him, because it’s been, oh, two years, and he essentially disappeared without a trace, but HA! Now there is photographic evidence that he exists!

  7. Lord, they’re beautiful. Course, look at their momma. Shit, figures you’re married. *sigh*

  8. Aww thanks Karl – if I get divorced, I’ll call you. *Wink*

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