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The great carpet debate.

October 14, 2008

No, I’m not talking about whether to shave ‘the carpet’ or not. I’m talking about the rug in my bathroom.

My half bath on the mail level is painted a very light sage green and I decided to accent in red. I bought red towels, red faceclothes, red candles and even have photos of my kids wearing red while picking strawberries – I rather like the red. I’d never paint a room red or have red furniture, but a few red accents, I think, look smashing.

I decided that I needed on more thing red – but wasn’t sure exactly what that thing should be – until I spotted and fell in love with THE RUG. It was like love at first sight – our eyes met, hearts began beating wildly, our palms got sweaty – okay, so that was really only me since I’m guessing the mat didn’t feel much, but you get the idea. I snatched that baby up so quickly I thought my head might spin off – it was the last red bathroom mat there, a one of a kind, one like no other and I was not giving it up. I was excited to lay it on the floor in the bathroom and seriously, it didn’t disappoint. It just went so well with everything, and really made the other red accents pop.

I purchased the rug on Saturday. Today is Tuesday. My husband just noticed the mat this morning and I get the feeling he’s not crazy about it, since he said, “what the hell is that? Is that SHAG? What? Is this 1972?”

I think his comments were totally uncalled for. Like he’s any kind of designer. Pffftt. Please. I told him he had no sense of house style and that he should just continue to leave the home stuff to me because obviously I do a way better job than he ever would. He laughed. Then my grown boys came in, and my husband just had to point the mat out to them – all the while going on and on and on about how hideous it is.

My sons didn’t like it either. I thought for sure Matt would like it, but nope. He said a brown leather rug would look way better. A brown leather rug? Leather? On a bathroom floor? Ya, that’s so practical. Because when water drips on that leather, well, that wouldn’t hurt a leather rug. I’m surprised they didn’t suggest a bear skin rug with head attached. And brown? My bathroom is done with red accents and a black cabinet and frame – oh yes, a brown rug would look perfect. I’m pretty certain I didn’t ask any of them what they thought. They just gave their wrong opinions anyway.

Then they had to go on and on about shag. OMG it’s shag. Shag is so 70s, shag is so fug, shag is so gross, blah blah blah. Listen, I wouldn’t put shag in a whole room (I hate carpet period as a general rule) but a small 2×4 bathmat is hardly shagging a whole a room for shitsake. And besides, shag is making a comeback – somewhere.

But you know what, I like my red shag mat. And it’s not just shag – yes, shag from the seventies is gross – believe me, my parents had in a couple of our homes – but this is new shag. Twenty-first century shag. Not your typical ugly shag. It’s the new and improved shag. Trendy shag – but not so trendy that it’ll be outdated in 6 months, oh no, good shag. Superior shag. Without further ado, I introduce you to the beautiful, red shag mat that I so love…it melts my heart. Makes me happy. I get glowy when I think of it. Or maybe that’s the booze talking. Either way, I love my red rug.

You love it too right? Of course you do, or I’ll cut you.

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12 Responses to “The great carpet debate.”

  1. It’s perfect. Shag is the Berber.

  2. Yes, thank you! (check’s in the mail). Ha.

  3. LOVING IT! Probably because I have one of my bathrooms accented in red with (what looks to be) the same exact rug!

  4. See? I’m not alone in my love of the “new” shag! Woot!

  5. Love it! Who cares that the boys like anyway! Do what you like!

  6. Thank you Deb – It’s my rug and I’ll cry if I want to. Or something like that. ;)

  7. Ship it to me now. NOW!

  8. Gonna have to fight me for it betch. ;)

  9. It’s perfect for your bathroom; men know nothing about decorating – except mine…he’s got a feminine side to him though. Should I be concerned?

    Anyways, I love the shag. And the accents!

  10. If he loves Barbara Streisand, musicals AND has a hand in designing, then I might be concerned…haha. And thanks, I’m loving my shag too!

  11. I have that same picture frame, and I think, the same rug, same color.

    I had it in my master bath and didn’t like it because it wasn’t soft on the feet.

  12. I actually love your rug (Y) <3 in the most undirty way possible, also, i follow this website like a religion (Y) xox

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