Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
I’m addicted to weed. But it’s not what you think.

October 20, 2008

My son Matt said I have a problem. He said I should get ‘help’ for it. I might agree and then again, I might not.

Matt: OMG is that another one?

Me: Yes.

Matt: You have a problem. You’re addicted.

Me: I think I am.

Matt: You should stop. Get some help.

Me: I probably can’t stop.

Matt: Maybe medication would help.

Me: Maybe. Maybe not. Plus, I’m not sure I can stop. I’m not sure I want to stop.

Matt: Sick.

Me: Ya.

Watch the video below and decide for yourself if I have a problem. Maybe some sort of support group? I dunno.

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8 Responses to “I’m addicted to weed. But it’s not what you think.”

  1. LMAO…I’m with Matt on the need to get some help! LOL

  2. I don’t think I can stop Sally. Ha. ;)

  3. I liked how it ended at the empty corner!!

  4. LMBO

  5. LMAO!
    Yes, you need help :)
    Just buy fake plants, or plants that are supposed to look dead…

  6. I understand there is a rehab center for that in Weeds California. teeheee.

  7. Well, I’d better pack my bags then… ;)

  8. You shouldn’t apologize ~ they are wonderful. Makes me want to go out and find some weeds of my own.

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