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I got creative on Saturday instead of napping.

November 22, 2008

I, as usual, stayed up late last night. Friday and Saturday night, I’m lucky if I go to bed before 3 a.m. Why? I’ve always been a night owl, ever since I can remember, so why stop now? I figure I can catch up on my sleep WHEN. I’M. DEAD.

I have been ordering photos for family back east to send in Christmas cards and wanted some new ones of my daughter since I had quite a few recent ones of my three boys. Plus, photographing my daughter is just so fun – not that my boys aren’t a hoot, but seriously, they usually hate getting their picture taken and let me know it, every single time. My girl, well, she’s like me – loves dressing up, getting her hair all prettified, nails done, the works you know? So we played dress up and went to town, took about 150 shots and settled on about 20 that I was happy with. Initially, I was going to have a nap, but like I said, dead = sleep.

In other news, my children made up words today. They decided they wanted their very own language and I suppose a way to make fun of me without me actually knowing it. Damn they’re smart.

I bought the new Nickelback cd Dark Horse and I love it, it’s my favorite yet. Yes, I still have the hots for Chad. Call me sick, but I don’t care. I have a thing for dirty rockers. Well, only two (Kid Rock is my other obsession) and technically, I hope they’re not dirty – because if I were to ‘hit it’, ‘it’ had better be clean. Squeaky clean. Yes, I know, you’re thanking me for the 411. Glad to help.

A man came to my door today with a beautiful little girl – she was about 4. All decked out in a long dress coat with faux fur on the collar and cuffs – she was just precious. He was here to promote whatever religion he was selling but I wasn’t buying. I’m sorry, sell me Girl Guide cookies at my front door but religion? I hate that. I’m guessing he thought by bringing his child, people are more apt to open their front door and listen to what he has to say. Like people are dumb. Okay, some people are dumb. Trust me, I’ve shopped enough at my grocery store to know that there are some of us on the planet who are a few fries short of a Happy Meal.

I would love to have some chocolate right about now. However, all I have here that resembles something yummy, is semi-sweet chocolate chips which, um, do nothing for me. I could get in my SUV and drive to the store, which is 30 seconds from my house, where they do sell all kinds of chocolate bars, bags of cookies, hell, probably even have a cake there too, but that would require me getting off my ass and that’s just asking too much at almost 9 p.m. Plus, my ass is probably saying, ‘bitch please, do not eat more chocolate, I’ll cut you’. Mouthy friggin’ ass.

Did I tell you it snowed here the other day? What the hell? Sure, it’s not like it’s a surprise, we get some out here in Cowtown every year but I hate it. How much hassle would it be to move to Florida? Maybe Karl would let me bunk with him? I do want to go to Florida for a visit though. We have friends in Miami and I’ve always wanted to go. It looks so pretty there – at least on CSI Miami it does. And we all know TV shows are real. Like super real. Plus, I could meet Horatio Cane. I don’t know what it is about that guy, but he gets to me. He’s not even attractive – well not in a Brad Pitt sort of way – but seriously, I think I have the hots for David Caruso. I’m sick. But really, I know a certain someone who has an ‘old man’ crush on Grisham – won’t mention any names – but she knows who she is. She’s just as sick as me. Ha.

I wanted to get more Christmas shopping done today but that would have meant I’d have to drag my kids with me and let’s see, take two children to a busy, packed mall with other crazy mothers dragging their kids out to the mall just didn’t seem like it would be a fun time. I’m about 75% done anyway – and it’s all wrapped (sick AND anal). My goal is usually to have it done by November 30th. I’ve done that the last two years and it’s great. I still remember the days of having zero money until December 23 – and hubby and I rushing out at the last minute to shop for our kids. That was fun.

I bought a new black bra. Uh, that’s about it, nothing more to say on that. It fits like a glove – or a bra. Whichever.

I want a new cell phone for Christmas. I was hoping to get one for my birthday, but let’s see, I DIDN’T. I’m still waiting for a birthday present from my husband. HINT. Maybe he’ll read this. HINT. When was my birthday? In July. Four months ago. As in, it’s a bit past belated. Perhaps he’s going to make up for it at Christmas. I’d like a touch screen phone – maybe I’ll just come with you when you buy it. The phone I have now was fantastic THREE YEARS AGO. And my favorite thing about it? It usually says ‘NO SERVICE’ just about everywhere I go. Very dependable.

If you have a few minutes, you have to read my post (at work) about Rihanna pregnancy rumors with Chris Brown – sure my post is fantastic *cough* but it’s the comments that are truly hilarious. Seriously, most of them are hatin’ on Rihanna because ‘she gotz wit ma boyfrend and mad a baby and I beez hatin’ her, dirty skank!’ See? Fun! Click HERE if you’re bored. Some people take their celebrity gossip super serious. Hey, ‘whatever floats yer boat’ is what I always say. Actually, I always say, ‘send me cash – nothing less than 20s please’ but so far, no one has sent any dough. What up with that?

Okay, I must go put my daughter to bed before she turns into Nasty McNasty from McNastyville. Check the photos below from our fun photo shoot (click pics to enlarge) and I’ll be back soon to tell you the top five reasons I should stop shopping – and answering my phone.

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6 Responses to “I got creative on Saturday instead of napping.”

  1. OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE # 2824..you are so talented, sunshine! xo

  2. 10th one down is my favourite :) set up an iStock account! x

  3. Thank you both! xo

  4. Those pictures are amazing!!! Your daughter is so friggin’ gorgeous Sassy!!!

  5. Those pics are BEAUTIFUL!! I love “poseable” children.

  6. You’re pretty good with that camera…nice work.

    Coming across this blog was a complete mistake, but you write well and appear somewhat interesting 8)

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