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So, I put my hair in ponytails today, what of it?

July 17, 2009


If you have a problem with a chick on the other side of forty, er, I mean twenty-five, with her hair in ponytails, then you may as well march your ass on out of here.

I was cleaning and wanted to pin my hair up, but a hair clip is so 2006. I figured I would try a new style, which not sure ponytails are exactly considered a style, let alone a new style, but regardless of what you call them, I turned on my inner rebel and went with it.

While I’m here, I might as well tell you all about my dilemma with obtaining my passport. I am going away in less than a month (shut it… yes, I know, I put it off, totally my fault), and went to get my passport on Tuesday – well, apply for it. I had double checked my paperwork, had everything in order as far as I could tell, and had all of my identification. There was only one little thing that was concerning me, and that was my birth cerfificate. It is legit, but it’s, uh, old (ish). Anyway, because it was issued back in… the, *ahem*, 1900s, there was no actual registration number on it. So, as I suspected, the passport office would not accept it. The guy gave me a form to fill out from Vital Statistics from the province I was born, and told me it could take up to two weeks to obtain a new birth certificate.

Panic begins to set in and the passport dude could see I was about to have a nervous breakdown at his counter, so he assured me, that if worse came to worse, I could pay a little extra and they could issue my passport in three days. I sighed ever so slightly.

It was too late to call VS (Vital Statistics) when I got home since they are a few hours ahead of me, so Wednesday would be the earliest I could call. I woke early Wednesday and filled out the required paperwork and then called the VS office to inquire about faxing my information and having a rush put on it.

Good afternoon, Vital Statistics.

Hi, I need a birth certificate, like 20 years ago (laughter on my part)… dead silence on VS lady’s part. Um, no, seriously, I need a birth certificate as soon as possible as I’m going away and need to get my passport. I do have a birth certificate but it was issued many years ago and does not have a registration number, so it was not acceptable to obtain my passport. I’m wondering how long I would have to wait to get a birth certificate?

It normally takes four to six weeks.

Uh, I’m leaving in four weeks. Can I fax my information to have it processed faster? Is that possible?

Yes, it is but you have to prove it. You have to send proof.

Proof? Proof of what? My current birth certificate? I’m not following you.

No, proof that you need it in a hurry.

Proof? I’m telling you I need it in a hurry. Why would I make that up? If I didn’t need it in a hurry, I’d just wait the four to six weeks, and it wouldn’t be an issue.

Well, we require proof.

Um, OK. How do I prove it to you?

You can write a letter with your form and ID, saying you need it in a hurry.

So, me telling you, right now, that I need it in a hurry, is not proof enough?


Uh, alrighty then. What about my travel information? I have a print out of my flight dates/times, would that be considered proof?

Possibly. It would help.

OK, well, I will do that. Once you get it, how long will I have to wait?

Approximately seven days. If you don’t have it by then, call us.


Panic starts to set in once again… what if they don’t put a rush on it because my “proof” isn’t good enough for them? I mean seriously, if a person is stressing the importance of obtaining their birth certificate, shouldn’t that be enough? No, it is not. Apparently, people call up all the time PRETENDING to need a birth certificate in a hurry, but it’s all a big joke, so when they do get it rushed to them, they then call the VS office, and yell “SUCKERS! Ha, I didn’t REALLY need it quickly. Joke’s on YOU!” Yes, totally plausible.

So, that was Wednesday. I figured I would call Monday and light a fire under their ass if they hadn’t started the process of getting me what I needed. This morning, as I’m talking on the phone to my friend, the doorbell rings. It’s a delivery dude, with an envelope. Being in a some sort of mental fog, I’m not even dreaming it could be my birth certificate. I mean I just had a stimulating conversation less than 48 hours prior with a lady, telling me I had to PROVE I needed my birth certificate in a rush, so there was no way they had processed it and sent it across the country in that short of a time span.

But… they had! Holy shit balls, my letter must have stressed how neurotic I am important this was to me, and someone actually cared. Sweet niblets (my kids make me watch way too much Hannah Montana), I have my birth certificate! That means, Monday morning, I will be at the passport office and they assured me I could have my passport in plenty of time for my trip. Woot!

It’s a good Friday indeed. Plus, I had fun dreams last night, so woke up in a great mood. Life is super right now. What could make it better? Hmm, a trip to Starbucks, maybe.

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6 Responses to “So, I put my hair in ponytails today, what of it?”

  1. You totally posted that photo for me, didn’t you?

    .-= Karl´s last blog ..Hey mom! I got laid! =-.

  2. Well, duh. ;)

  3. My first thought when I saw the photo: “Karl’s head just exploded.”

    (not that head, ew.)
    .-= Karen Sugarpants´s last blog ..We Never Have Any Fun Around These Here Parts =-.

  4. @ Karen… ROFL.

  5. Love the ponytails..you sexy wench!

    Glad you will have your passport in good time!!!

  6. Ha ha Nic! I love when you call me a sexy wench…lol
    Miss you!

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