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I give great parenting advice, even via text messages

August 13, 2009

You think just because I’m out and about, shopping for the brood that I call my family, that I can’t be the best possible parent I can be?  Oh, no, no, no.  I am able to multi-fucking-task with the best of them, and that includes pushing a shopping cart, filling it up with toothpaste (we like fresh breath and white teeth.  That’s the way we roll) and answering a text message.

My son Matt loves IM’ing and texting me just for the hell of it.  Why?  Because he’s clearly bored out of his freaking tree I rock.  Duh.  Can’t believe you had to even ask.  Anyway, so, I get this text message:


Aw, he’s wanting to know what he should do about his “situation,” and still, at 21-years-of-age, needs some motherly advice.  I’m more than willing to give it:


I offered three choices, which clearly, were quite brilliant as I pushed my shopping cart full of toothpaste.  He was so thankful at my suggestions, and he said so:


Hmm.  I was sure there was a big ol’ THANK YOU, YOUR ADVICE ROCKS, LIKE YOU, in that text message but maybe that part got erased when I took the screenshot?  Yeah.  Totally what happened.

Anyway, you’re very welcome Matt, anytime.  Tell all your friends to text me, too, because obviously I give awesome pee advice (but honestly, I am versatile).

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4 Responses to “I give great parenting advice, even via text messages”

  1. That’s so cute he wants to share with you! haha. Love it.
    .-= Deidre´s last blog ..The only thing that could have made it worse would have been a loaf of bread (my kryptonite) and a pair of socks =-.

  2. This is great, I will add your blog to my list of 100 blog using CommentLuv!
    .-= Hesham´s last blog ..Elegant and Professional eNews Theme from ElegantThemes for WP Blogs =-.

  3. I just want a glitter fund like you have!!! I think I missed your birthday! So Happy Belated Birthday.

  4. Heh. Look who knows how to take a screenshot with her iPhone? Hmm. Wonder where she might have learned that little number?
    .-= Karl´s last blog ..My Shirt Is Not Offensive, Right? =-.

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