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I’m a forty-one-year-old 25 year old married mom with two grown children and two younger children. I sometimes drip with sarcasm and other times it’s just the food that I’ve slopped on my shirt. I am photographer, a writer and I’ve started writing a book but have yet to finish it. And by finish it, I mean start it. I’m kidding, I have started it. In.my.mind.

I write here. Yes, I write about celebrities. Oh the joy torture. Kidding. I like it, I really like it.

I’m a princess with no actual claim to royality but I like to dream big (either that, or it’s the medication). I also fight crime with my age spots beauty. All true, all true. Would I make stuff up? Of course not. I’m honest like that.

I hope that you’ll laugh when you come here or at least think, ‘that crazy broad needs to be committed does give me a bit of a giggle now and then’. I’ll do my best I promise. Fingers crossed.

If you are from the grammER or spAlling police association, you can kiss my ass.

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