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January 7, 2008

Calaway Park & Schmap.com


See that photo? Yup that one. It was taken this past summer at Calaway Park here in Calgary. One of my best friends and I bought season passes and took our kids several times during July and August.

While we wished we were in an air conditioned building happily slugged along, our kids ran ahead excitedly. I snapped some photos and the above picture in now featured at http://www.schmap.com HERE, which is kinda cool. So if you’re looking for a fun place to take your kids and have a giant bunny hug them, Calaway Park is the way to go. Yay baby!

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October 2, 2007

They’re coming out of the….

The Original Perfect Post Awards – Sept ‘07

…woodwork! What? Who? My craziness in my demented mind fans. Duh. I was nominated for an Oscar for my oustanding performance concerning this. Fine, it’s not an Oscar but it’s damn close in my book. It’s a Perfect Post Award. Hotfessional nominated me. And by hot, she means hot. Smokin’. Smokin’ hot. See that? I put two random words together and got a catch phrase. It’s going to be all the rave, you just watch and see. They don’t call me Captain Trendsetter for no reason. So thank you Hottie, Hotster, HottieMcHottie from Hot town for nominating me and making me feel even more delusional that I normally am special. Also nods, and by nods, I mean wicked nods to Kimberly at Petroville and Lindsey at Suburban Turmoil for the chance to be awarded the button. Which I need to get the button so I think I have to push someone’s button to get the button. Or maybe they just email it to me. Or hand deliver it on a silver platter. Ya, that’s more like it. It’s amazing how my fan base has grown from one to two 500 to 5000. Wowza. Impressive.

The Original Perfect Post Awards – Sept ‘07

*Edit* I got my button. I had to push lots of buttons to get it but I worked it and got it. I get things done. Done. See how much of a rebel I am? I posted that cute little button TWICE. Oh you gonna stop me? I didn’t think so.

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