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June 5, 2010

I hate you.  Here’s why:

Because you’re stupid.  You flooded our house with your dumbassness.  When water is leaking from a tap that is on, TURN IT OFF.  Do not wrap many feet of electrical tape around the WET , LEAKING TAP/HOSE.  Electrical tape is for NOT FIXING WATER LEAKS.  Also, when water is leaking, tell someone.  Like, um, YOUR LANDLORD.  Do not let water leak for a month and then say, “oh by the way…”.  This makes me hate you.

Because you didn’t look.  You apparently believe you are the only person on the road.  You smashed into my suv and caused damage.  Luckily my fist didn’t smash into your face.  I like how you pretended to not speak English yet you chanted FUCK many times and surprisingly, you, all of a sudden, learned English at the police station.  Cute.

Because you suck at your job.  Thanks for following up AFTER we’ve already taken care of the issue.  You know, WE did YOUR job. Thanks for telling me you were on vacation and forgot to take care of us before you left.  I feel like a special client.  My advice for you?  Go shit in your hand.

Because you stole $800 from us.  Which, yes, thank you because we’re rich and all.  We don’t have two mortgages to swallow or children to feed, so feel free to take what we’ve worked for.  Much appreciated.  Oh, I hope you drop the soap while showering in jail.

Because you tell me your life story every single time I go through your checkout lane.  And you whine about the meat leaking, which I didn’t see any leaks but thank you for telling me that it was leaking and asking if I needed a paper towel to wash the leaky meat juices from my hands, which? there was no leaky meat juices on my hand, but whatever.  And?  A dry paper towel is not going to properly sanitize my hand should there actually be leaky meat juices on it, but it’s the thought that counts, right?  Sure.  Please.  Stop.  Talking.  To.  Me.  I don’t care that you’re wearing a fellow employee’s uniform because you forgot yours.  Don’t. Care.

Because you’re clearly INSANE.  We don’t owe you money, fucktard.  But, hey, if you think we do, SUE US.  There are judges.  There are courts.  That’s how normal, reasonable people try to get money (that they delusionally think is owed) – they sue for it.  Take us to court.  Pounding on windows and doors, making threats and screaming that you “want your fucking money,” is not how sane people go about things.  Oh, gosh, let me whip out my cheque book and write you a cheque for the money THAT WE DON’T OWE YOU.  You’re an artard.  You’re a few turds short of a shit pile.  And to think that you’ve stewed over this imaginary owe you money thing for TWO YEARS, is hilarious.  How about you move on?  Get a life.  Get a job.  Get a brain.  But most of all?  FUCK THE FUCK OFF.

Because you blow chunks as a CEO.  Your professionalism is… wait, you have NONE.  You have no balls and are spineless.  You spread lies to suit your needs, which hey, if that’s how you run a company, then so be it.  I don’t see you moving up the ladder of success.  Oh, and your face looks like a can of smashed assholes.  Just sayin’.

Because your hidden “fees” are highway robbery and yet we can’t get out of the contract without paying MORE money.  It’s awesome how your customer service, uh, DOESN’T EXIST.  It’s like you’re a legitimate, legal thief who has the right to take, take, take but never give back.  Thanks.  A lot.

And that concludes my short rant.  I swear, rainbows and butterflies are now taking up most of my dining room.  Yay!

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November 22, 2009

10 Reasons Why Winter Blows


*Note* If you came here just because you thought I was naked in a hat and mittens, shame on you.  But it worked, right (and technically, that IS all I’m wearing except you can’t see the rest)?  And now that you’re here, gosh, you might as read what I wrote?  Yah?  S’good, thank you.  *Bats long eyelashes*  On to the crap good stuff:

I’m a morning person.  I’m a night person.  I’m a people person.  One thing I’m not?  A winter person.  I. HATE. IT.  There is nothing good about winter.  Wait, that’s not fair… there must be something good about winter.  Let me think… and nope, can’t think of anything.  Nada.  Drawing a big blank.  And to add to that negative train of thought, let me give you ten reasons winter blows.

1. SNOW.  Snow is horrible.  It’s cold.  Wet (ish).  Hard.  Soft.  Fluffy.  Annoying.  And did I mention COLD?  I love when people say to me, but it’s so pretty.  Especially the first snow fall.  Um, no, it isn’t.  It’s disgusting.  I will never think otherwise.  I hate snow.  Don’t tell me snowmen are cute.  They’re only cute if they’re made of fabric and don’t melt.  A snowman made of snow?  I stab it.  In the face.

2. ICE.  See # 1.  Similiar to snow except it’s harder and frozener.  And colder.  Ice on the roads?  Yeah, makes for great driving especially for the dickwads who think they can drive the same way they do on bare roads.  Like a dickwad.  You can’t.  It’s ICY and shit.  Ice means slippery.  So, ICE=shit drivers.  Bad combo.  Aaaand, it’s fucking cold.  Right, I mentioned that.

3. COLD.  Winter brings cold temperatures and means I must wear extra layers of clothing.  I don’t like that.  I don’t want to wear more than I have to and bundling up is annoying.  How can I bring teh sexah in a parka?  Nearly impossible.  Cold is for penguins.  Do I look like a penguin to you?  And cold temps bring SNOW and ICE.  See # 1 and 2.

4. CHRISTMAS MUSIC.  Yes, winter brings Christmas music because Christmas happens to arrive in winter.  I do not like Christmas music.  I like to shank it IN THE NECK.  And I love going shopping now so I can hear Christmas music blaring through the speakers in the department store.  Puts me in the mood.  To stab the cashier.  She did give me the correct change and I appreciate that.  She did it with a smile, too.  That’s nice.

5. SHOVELS.  Winter means I may have to pick up a shovel and shovel SNOW and/or chip ICE.  See # 1 and 2.  If I’m picking up a shovel, I’d like it to be because I’m going to beat my mailman for failing to bring me fun goodies in the mail.  Not for shoveling snow.  That seems wrong to me.

6. BOOTS.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I luff boots.  I’m a boot whore.  But my boots are made for walking on bare sidewalks.  In the mall.  Dancing at a club.  Other things.  Not for wading in snow, or trying not to slip on ice.  See # 1 and 2.  Boots are meant to be pretty.  Sexy.  Not for getting wet and slushy because of that ugly shit called SNOW.

7. DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME.  True, it begins before winter officially starts but it happens when it’s starting to get cold – see # 3 – and it makes winter that much more depressing.  It’s dark at around 5 p.m. now and so we get to be cold and sit in darkness.  Yes, my house has electricity, so I do have lights and don’t actually sit in the dark, but when I look out the window at 5:47 p.m. and see blackness, I want to choke it.  It being anyone within 3 feet of me.  What are we saving the daylight for?  Let’s use it.  So who can I talk to about this daylight savings shit?

8. SNOT.  You know what I’m talking about.  It’s cold.  People are out.  Their noses run.  Snot may drip from their nose.  It grosses me the fuck out.  I DON’T DO SNOT.  It’s the one thing I can. not. handle. ever.  Come near me with a snotty nose and I’ll cut your face off.  Fair warning.

9. UGGS.  If you own Uggs, I’m sorry but you need to burn them.  When I mentioned boots in # 6, I was talking about sexy boots.  Boots with heels.  High boots.  Pretty ankle boots with a chunky heel.  Not slipper boots.  Uggs should be shot.  And stabbed.  And shanked.  Don’t wear them.  Stop humiliating yourself.  Have some pride.  THEY ARE FUCKING SLIPPERS WITH TREADS.  Stop the insanity.

10. LONGEST SEASON OF THE YEAR.  I don’t give a rat’s ass what scientist may or may not say about seasons.  Here, where I live, winter is the longest season of the year.  Why can’t the other three seasons be the longest?  Huh?  Why the hell not?  Why does winter-like weather have to start in October and end in fucking June?  Me not likey.  I may whine about the heat, too, but for serious, if I had to pick, I’m picking HEAT.  I think I’ll move.  California, here I come.  So, they might get earthquakes, floods and fires… at least they have the warm.

In closing arguments, winter blows.  Sucks.  Has nothing to offer.  Oh, you ski?  Yeah, whatever.

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