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February 12, 2009

My 15 minutes of fame: I was on Dateline!

So, last night as I’m surfing the web, I get a comment (comes in my email) on one of my work-related stories – read, “Holy cow, Sassy! The masthead for this site, plus this headline and your byline made the interview with Ann Curry on Dateline tonight.” I’m thinking, huh? I had no clue what this person was talking about – but I soon would.

My husband and I had started watching the Dateline special with Ann Curry and her interview with crazy octuplet mom Nadya Suleman, but he switched the channel after about five minutes. I didn’t care much since I’d written 98 stories about her for work (okay, not 98, but seems like that) so, if I didn’t read, see or hear another word about the woman for 2 minutes, then that was fine. But still, curiosity got the better of me – what exactly did that commenter mean? Within a few minutes, my boss had emailed everyone and said we were on Dateline – what? It was going to come on again at 11 p.m. so I waited patiently for two hours for it to air again.

For 120 minutes, I twiddled my thumbs and ate clementines. Oh and a banana. And I think I drank a bottle of water. I forget. Anyway, that’s boring – on to the exciting shiznat. Finally, eleven o’clock rolls around and we settle down to watch Dateline – and at about 45 minutes past the hour, there it was – Famecrawler’s header and MY POST about Octo-mom being a possible Angelina Jolie wannabe on the TV. On Dateline. On the TV on Dateline. What-the-freak-ever. You get the picture – as in TV picture screen – the pun fun doesn’t end around here. I aim to please. Screen shots:

The video is below, if it’s not embedding properly, click HERE to see it – you know, if you care or have a couple of minutes to waste while at work, or you’re just bored or you’re hungry but you have no snack food, and all that you can do to keep your mind off of your chocolate craving is to watch some chick who blogs about her 15 minutes of fame, which technically is about 2.2 seconds of fame and not exactly fame since no one really knows who the hell she is, but you know what I’m saying. If you’re not sure what I’m saying, let me clarify – I need a bowl of ice cream.

Whatevs. It’s at about the 1:26 mark. For God’s sake, don’t blink. Yes, that’s how long my 15 minutes lasted – a blink. Enjoy.

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March 26, 2008

Hey check out my new (and temporary) photography site here. I’ve been busy taking photos and only have about 500 to go through and edit – anyone have any spare hours they can lend me? The standard 24 isn’t enough, I need about 36 hours in a day. That’d be great. Thanks.

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