so today we take a look at an covector your robot assistant and I’m actually doing a free giveaway to give a vector to one of you guys at home but more details on that at the end of the video this is the successor to Cosmo and it’s definitely came smarter it’s a cross between a digital helper and a pet robot they’ve created something functional that also has a personality inside the packaging you get vector himself his bill wharf and a cube for him to play with as well as the manual and additional documents so vector is a lifelike assistant he’s been designed for application on tabletops while it can travel on carpet it does struck a little bit and this will no doubt clog up the internals immediately vector is powered by the Qualcomm 200 programme returning him the capability he needs to deal with your entreaties he’s got a capacitive style sensor on top to allow him to sense and greeting when stroked or comprised also on top we’ve got a beam shape a fully microphone display giving him to pinpoint resonate and filter out the background sound on the front of vector we’ve got an HD camera with a hundred and twenty eight severity field of view this allows vector to identify motion and recognize its useds he’s got an infrared laser scanner for interval moving and environment mapping as well we’ve also got the IPS display on the figurehead

this is for vectors sees and it also allows him to show us data on screen such as quantities and climate livings now underneath we’ve got four plunge sensors so that vector can spot where the edge of a surface is and he won’t fall off he also contains a six axis inertial measurement unit that allows him to detect when he’s being picked up moved or even tilted so vector requires an internet connection but it’s joined immediately to your Wi-Fi and this can all be set up there easy to use it mobile application to start off with you have to leave actor firstly by using the comment a vector my epithet is and give him your honour vector will then scan your face and react your see laugh my word is TT technology I’ve experimented this aspect and it get to work very well I was impressed if you reintroduce yourself with a different identify vector will tell you wrong and tell you your actual mention you can also store multiple useds so he is able to recognize everyone in your household so a lot of focus here has gone into vectors personality he will do different things all the time if “youre leaving” him alone he’ll free drive around your table top and even say your name once he recognizes you he’ll too tend to look in the direction where interference or motion is coming from but what can vector actually do he’s got some useful aspects as well as some amusing peculiarities for parties to interact with him so start off with the features you may find useful you can aspect her for the climate or era and it’ll provide answers with some on display visuals as well you can use him to set a timer the timer can be checked at

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any point and you can also calculate the timer as well vector will alert you when the time is up and he makes it very clear the time is up you can ask vector to take a photo with it HD camera you can vistum at issues and questions and it will give you the answer but it’s worth pointing out here that it is a three-step process first you have to say hey vector then you have to say I have a question then when he’s ready you’re able to answer your question hey vector I have a question what is the capital of England now for the more humorous vistums he’ll let you play blackjack on his parade and even give you a fist bump if you ask him yes there are a few different ruses he can do with this cube like flipping it over he can pick it up or sometimes he’ll really start hitting it and you can also use it to flip up on his back if there’s music playing in the background then vector will dance to it but only if he likes it he doesn’t like all music now I’m not sure what ascertains this when acting alone that vector will too explore his area to planned his encircles you can ask him to stop at any point and I too find he will call my appointed and try to get my notice if I discount him for too long if you stroke him on top he experiences it and he was able to even give him praise or tell him off you can command him to go to sleep go to his charger and if he gets too low on battery he will return to the charger himself so overall vector is an superb segment of technology he really does have a lifelike fill and it’s somewhat a brand-new baby

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but being said though a good deal of his aspects I would categorize as a stunt and is more likely to only be used at the first few days when you are receive him in terms of practicality he does everything there is a requirement to from a expres deputy but he does is often used to do them slower the same Google home or Alexa as mentioned earlier if you do want to ask a question then it is at least that process it’s also more costly than a dwelling or a lexer but at the same time Anke is not advertising this as a enunciate deputy but said today though vector is new they will be releasing their SDK to allow other developers to create uses and no doubt Anke themselves will be providing modernizes to vector is something different to the norm and it does have a lot of potential to grow I’ll be excited to see what improvements they can create in the future for anyone that would like to get a vector of their own or even just some more information I’ve residence ties-in down in the specific characteristics below but for anyone that would like the chance to win a free vector of course I’m doing the giveaway as ever I’ve targeted associates down in the specific characteristics below that will take you to my web page there are multiple ways to enter such as subscribing to my youtube path retweeting a tweet on Twitter you simply click them and it gains you entries this giveaway is open internationally as ever wherever you are in the world I was shipped to you free of charge so good luck in the giveaway and as ever if you’ve got any problems any questions or there’s anything I’ve missed delight ask them in the comments below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can but as always thank.

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