so today we’re taking a look at the traval OS portable orator a bluetooth electrostatic speaker from Ben Q as well as two electrical static drivers we’ve also got two dynamic drivers with passive radiators on the back a great idea from Ben Q and an incredible-looking speaker with 18 hours of battery life this is a Bluetooth 4.2 and non warped 3d racket speaker in the Box we get the speaker itself we get the power adapter with both an EU and UK plug and finally we’ve got a little carry occurrence to haul it the first thing you’ll notice is this is an incredible looking orator it feels very well built and has a nice weight to it coming in at merely one kilo the electrostatic talkers fold outwards going out of the practice of the radiators behind on top we have a power button bluetooth volume up and down as well as play and pause there’s also a mode button to enable 3d din this loudspeaker subscribes NFC and it can also be paired it with another one for genuine stereo listening on the back we have the 3.5 mm audio jack and micro USB for both charging as well as being a DAC port so let’s start this up and assure

how it announces straight away I can listen some really nice mids the high-priceds are incredible thanks to the electrostatic speakers but one thing I noticed quite quickly is that the speakers are very directional if I move off axis a little bit I can examine the difference straightaway a bit less from the locate but the high-pitched tones are much better when in line with the direction of speaker I’m not saying it musics bad out of direction but it definitely seems much better in it when it comes to bass it copes well with the punchy bass but lower feelings do seem to be partially missing in acoustic music this really does exceed for a loudspeaker and procreates a reasonably poised music but there is still that little bit missing from the lower terminate which was a little disappointing for me I expected a little more from a speaker within this price range we can turn the capacity up and it creates a nice chime though with very little distortion when it came to testing with some electronic music and some heavy-laden bass you can really hear the speaker start contending here it’s producing a lot of aberration at higher loudness but that being said this was a heavy bass track and I wasn’t expecting it to perform too well I tried again with the travell oohs 3d clang option and while it does deepen the audio I couldn’t really figure out what it was doing and I actually preferred it in the normal mode but I made the decision to do a comparison between this and the Zen breeze headache

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that I recently reviewed and you can really hear that the z8 is able to create much deeper bass with less aberration if we listen to a more acoustic racetrack that ravallo clearly dominates the travaux low does create some very clean sound it can also go jolly loud with very minimal Distortion with general music it’s a great listen and for those that really want to listen to vocals it’s fantastic but again it resounds much better when you’re actually in the direction of the speaker on top of that it’s probably the best-looking speaker I’ve reviewed during my channel so far for people that like a lot of bass or music where the bass certainly does compliment the rest of the track then I probably wouldn’t recommend it but for acoustic dad and vocal roads this does perform incredibly but as I restrain saying when it comes to the high-pitched greenbacks the electrostatic talkers truly do excel it really does seem to be missing a little bit from the lower aspiration in my view but I’ve targeted associations for the travaux low-spirited s down in the specific characteristics below for anyone that wants to get one or even get more information if there’s anything I’ve missed or anything you want to ask just leave them down in specific comments below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can but thank you.

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