Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro review $130

just when you thought there quite possibly could not be another wireless earbud for me to review well the joke’s on you but it is increasingly hard to stand out in the wireless earbud market from bose to apple skull sugar to one more a duo of earbuds exists at just about every expenditure station now with many different aspects sprayed throughout being within a particular ecosystem such as airpods for ios customers or galaxy twigs pro for samsung consumers is an easy way to allure buyers but in anker’s example it’s having a very desirable feature at a very competitive price these are the soundcore liberty air 2 pros and for 130 dollars they do a lot of things well but it’s their active interference elimination and their really well designed app that obligates them worth talking about[ Music] the immunity air 2 pros come in a large stone-like case that slips to open it is incredibly fun to fidget with it most closely resembles the case of the galaxy buds pro longer than it is tall but it certainly is not as pocketable as most anc twigs instances there are three artillery indicator dawns on the figurehead and a button for pairing around back which sounds like a super little detail but having a physical button for pairing is far easier to use than the sound to pair method that buds like the number of jobs early 85 tees use so thank you anchor the battery life is on par with other anc headphones anchor affirms seven hours of battery life with anc turned

off or six hours with it turned on and there are three additional charges in the case that accusations both wirelessly or via usb-c port around back this was more than enough juice to get me to the point of needing to take the buds out of my ears to take a break from the tight and ear sealed these chatter have and a 15 hour immediate charge in the case when the case is plugged in via usbc will get you back three hours of added listening time now the twigs themselves are similar wonderful iconic branch design we have come to expect in wireless earbuds they have a gold fan like blanket over their speakers that is really super cool and a textured matte finish either twig can be used independently of the other and the in-ear detection can be toggled on and off in the earbuds app now i knew the in-ear detection to be like very sensitive and nearly too sensitive for my tendency so i wear a hood often because i have a i don’t have a lot of hair in my president and i get very cold anyway when i had a hood over my honcho and it would beat the earbuds even simply a little the earbud would see that it was out of my hearing and stop my music now a quick adjustment of the twig would get my music playing again but it was all simply kind of annoying all right if you know me you know i’m all about the sound ascertains and i gotta say the tap regulates on these buds is hella limited right out of the box double tap on the left to skip to the next line doubled sound on the right for dally and delay or contain

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down for two seconds on either twig to toggle ambient resonate procedures although the buds are responsive to these taps that is a very limited amount of insures at your fingertips and yes all of these sovereignties is gonna be customized within the app but i just spotted myself missing a single sound or even a triple tap alternative the liberation breeze 2 pros come with nine different immensity silicone ear tips in the box ranging from extra additional extra small to extra large this is to create the best seal and hopefully retain push from happening fit is extremely important in wireless earbuds i intend is not simply to make sure that you have the best seal for anc but likewise to improve sound excellence especially in the lower frequencies to confirm you have chosen the best size tips anker has generated the tip-off fit research within the soundcore app the app first measures the db levels of the opening you’re in to ensure it’s quiet enough for this test the app then represents about 10 seconds of ringtone-esque orchestral music and then it displays a good close or a bad shut decision for each earbud there’s also an audio assessment called here id that claims to map your personal hearing sensitivity at multiple frequencies to best adapt the eq fixes to you regardless it represents about 30 tints per ear and it asks you to answer yes i can hear that manner or no i cannot frankly it feels a good deal like going to the ear doctor minus like that whole bit when they stick that that bizarre like pointy

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thing in your ear regardles next you are presented with a diagram of your results and an eq preset saved to the app my research resulted in deeper bass and less tribulation which did manufacture my music resonate fuller both the fit test and the eq locates experiment are not something progressive a lot of twigs have these measures these days some people might find them more useful than others but i think it’s good to have the option also it creates this illusion that your buds are like genuinely being adapted to you which kind of represents me feel a little special[ Music] i’ve formed you wait long enough let’s talk audio quality the sovereignty breeze 2 pro assistance spc and aac audio codecs they have 11 millimeter operators that create a more trouble ponderous clang while music felt full and immersive with crisp dissociation i did find myself craving more bass upping the lows in the app certainly cured but it wasn’t as clean-living voicing as the bass in the airpod pros like 70 s funk announced really good but more contemporary rnb like doja cat felt a little flat but i was most roused to test the a and c in these buds there are three main ambient phone modes full noise deletion transparency mode and then normal which turns off the anc and the transparency mode within the full anc and opennes states there are even more specific ascertains for controlling the level of pass-through seem

the anc mode pieces a transportation mode for invalidate low-grade point frequencies such as train grumblings an indoor state for mid-range frequencies and an outdoor mode that anker claims is best for city rooms then there’s also a tradition state for dialing in the best setting for you i place my anc to transport mode and i left it there for most of my go with these buds it absolutely made out the lower frequencies and it was very easy to slip into oblivion i spotted it was just like the noise abandonment on the job early 85 t’s on the civilize the low-toned thunders disappeared but it still let through just a bit more sound than the aeropod pros or the galaxy twigs pro and although the transparency mode is realistic it doesn’t have the same earbudless feel of the airpod pros either it certainly still feels like there is something blocking my hearing canals from the outside world there is however a vocal clarity state that makes out low frequencies while allowing higher frequencies such as tones through it was helpful in listening to train edicts but eventually taking the earbud out to hear an announcement was far easier okay so i’ve spent a great deal of this review talking about the sovereignty breeze 2 pros app without like truly talking about how beautiful it is and this is kind of rare for earbuds like often when i get a pair of twigs i download their app i dial in some eq sets perhaps alter a couple of touch limits and then i never certainly open that app again but with the soundcore app i detected myself like going back to it like if i was birthed on a study i’d open it up and i

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would just play with all the sets i had if someone was like talking across the car i would be like oh can i still hear them under this transparency mode or with this anc levels on it’s just like really fun and i think that’s because it’s so well designed it’s so easy to use and like the colourings are beautiful i don’t know it was a really weird know-how for me to actually affection an earbuds app in a wireless earbud sell full of honourable and not so honorable competition it is increasingly hard to be impressed by a brand-new bud but the soundcore sovereignty aura 2 pro’s competitive 130 price tag it drew me in and then their true-life active racket elimination and well-designed app maintained me coming back here for more they certainly could use more bass and they could utterly use a smaller case but anker has done a great job at bridging the gap between a fund friendly alternative and a really reliable earbud that you’re going to be excited to throw in your ears every day let’s talk audio quality that’s like my favorite its participation in these videos ever because then you get to bring in like the six like yeah so good


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