Magic Keyboard Review A Month with iPad Pro

– Hey guys, it’s Justine and today we’re checking out the brand new Magic Keyboard for the iPad. This thing examines incredible. I’m so excited to unbox it. So let’s not even talk about unboxing. Let’s just unbox.

I am so excited to try this thing out because I have been using my iPad so much more than I had previously been applied an iPad ever before. Oh, smells like a cinnamon move. Look at that magnetized hinge. This has a full keyboard, a trackpad, and it has pass-through charging via USB-C on the side now. This is something that I’m so excited about because the placement on the iPad when you’re trying to charge it and do work is extremely inconvenient.

So here’s the new iPad Pro. Let’s sounds this thing on there. This has the smart connector and it’s magnetic.

So it should just pop right into region. That’s it.

We did it! One of the things, when I works on the iPad review originally, if you guys wanna check that out, I introduced a association in the specific characteristics, is Apple kept talking about all the things that you can do with your iPad. You can do podcasts, you can do video editing, and I was watching all of these little business, and I was thinking to myself, “Okay, you’re saying we can do this “but can we? ” So I challenged myself to exclusively use my iPhone and my iPad to edit a vlog and it was actually a really great experience and from that, I’ve realized how much that I can do with this that I’d never had even thought was possible before.

And since I’ve been using my iPad so much, I have been looking forward to this Magic Keyboard more than ever, largely because, one, it does have a trackpad, two, the full keyboard which feels incredible, and this viewing angle.

This is gonna make such a huge difference in so many different situations because whenever you’re using this iPad case, you simply have two options. Those options generally used to work pretty well but for some of the scenarios that I’m gonna demonstrate you guys, this is going to work out so much better. I adoration that this doesn’t actually touch the bottom. So it really is a floating screen and it inspects so good.

Just take a, precisely look at that.

You just gotta. Does it gape this good on camera as it does with my own attentions? Let me type something. It honestly exactly may seem like the brand-new MacBooks. So clearly, the iPad hasn’t fully supplanted my computer because I do still use Final Cut to revise, I need Photoshop, and I do a good deal of nonsense on there that the iPad still can’t do.

But for all of the normal things that I would be using my laptop for around the house, I have not even touched it really at all, because if I’m doing anything now at home, I’m gonna be editing on my Mac Pro, I walk around my house all day long really comprising this, because I never know when I’m gonna need it or wanna application it.

So this is me. With various different sweatpants. And here’s my iPad. Here’s me.

One of any issues that I adoration so much better about the brand-new iPad is the fact that I’m able to use an SD card with a USB-C. And I are truly take the files off this camera right now, positioned it into now, and get onto onto my iPad immediately. So this is kind of a normal setup for me. I have footage often everywhere, SD cards from cameras, external drives, and too from my phone. The GNARBOX can also be used wirelessly but since I have a free USB-C slot, we’re gonna kept it to use.

Right now I’m employing the pass-through charging because I forgot to charge my iPad last night.

Usually it does have pretty good battery life but if I’m doing some intense editing I wanna have it plugged in while we’re importing footage merely to make sure nothing does lost. LumaFusion is a really great video editor on the iPad. It may seem like Final Cut but it’s on your iPad, you can touch it. And now with the Magic Keyboard, having this trackpad, I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve called this iPad a computer or a laptop.

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It’s a lot. Even in the short time that I have been using this Magic Keyboard, I can’t stress enough how incredible it is. I know the price is a little bit on the more expensive side, especially for something like this and an iPad accessory. But it has significantly changed the direction that I’m able to use this thing and I cannot recommends the following fairly.( upbeat electronic music) This is my gaming setup.

How I’ve been using the iPad is I’m applying it as a observer taken to ensure that I’m still in chassis and we’re still recording the gameplay. It’s nice because everything is very central.

So I don’t have to stop playing to make sure that I’m still transcription. I can also use it as a second display, so if I have like a chat space or something open, I can make that here. Right now I’m just squandering it as a mirror display for the iMac.

Hello, can anybody hear what i just said? Where do you guys wanna drop is the question. I’m playing solo, so I don’t have anyone on my unit. Oh, come on now. I really frickin’ started the game.

Give me a second. Come on. Do not even. I am all alone, flowing through the centre. I’m gonna do sniped so quickly.

Unless nobody’s paying attention. – What does the pink represent? – Those are the different levels of compression.

What we’re gonna be talking about today is our podcast setup. So we’re both rush GarageBand, we’re both gonna be recording using the HypeMiC and what’s really cool about the HypeMiC is this will kind of act as an audio interface.

So when people are like, “But the iPad doesn’t have a headphone jack.” This will give you a headphone jack and you can monitor with zero latency through this as well. So it’s kind of cool. And then you’re gonna airdrop me your audio and I’m gonna drop it into mine. We also could be using your iPhone.

So if you didn’t have an iPad, you could use your iPhone. I’m likewise employing the brand-new Magic Keyboard with this. It’s amazing because for something like this, where we are using supplements, Magic Keyboard has pass-through charging, so we’re able to charge through USB-C.

And since Jenna is using the old iPad, actually this is the new smart-alecky keyboard. As you guys can tell on the back of now, there’s a greater cutout for the camera.

But since the iPad is still the same size, you can use both of these with each iPad. “re ready”, Jenna? – I am ready. We’ve been prepping for the past six years for this. – I necessitate I feel like I’ve been prepping my entire life for this.

Hey guys, it’s Justine. – And I’m Jenna. -We’re doing a freaking podcast. – I cannot believe it. – Yeah, I do, because this is the 15 th term we’ve done this intro.

We don’t know what this is gonna become or if it’s ever gonna be anything or if we’re ever gonna make love again. – We can always talk about it and see if they like it. Are we gonna be editing this? – Light editing.

– Light editing.

– So don’t mess up. Also there’s a good deal of resonate in this room and I’m well aware of it. This is candidly exactly a test. So this is version one. This is a beta.

– It is explanation one. – It’s a beta test of “Small Brain.” – It is, we’re learning. I thought it was “Same Brain? ” – “Same Brain, ” what did I just say?

– I had an incredible dinner last-place light. I think that pots should have this on both sides, like the direct on both sides ’cause what if, another relative, relative? – Relative? – Relatable. – Jenna’s relatable.

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– Another relatable topic. – What is, what is the? – What’s the mention? – What is the? Oh my gosh, what’s the honour?

I can’t even think.

Okay, regardless either way. – I recycle it. – No , no , no. You leave the rotten turnips out and then you get ants.

All right, I think we’re done now. – I’m sweating. – Honestly, I could keep talking probably for quite a long time but since this is just a test, I need to applied maybe like some felt on the bottom of this cup. So now, we’ll do a Group FaceTime call with Tyler and Jenna. We’re working on the video that you guys are watching right now and we’re employ this app called Postlab.

So that’s how we’re able to remote edit.

So all three of us are working on this project at the same time. So I’m gonna call them. Hello, it’s me checking in. Jenna!

Hi! – Hello. – Okay, we’re waiting. We’re waiting for Tyler to answer. – Okay, hold on.

– Hopefully. – Let me turn on my light-footeds. – Oh my gosh, there he is. – I forgot about this meeting. – That’s okay, that’s okay, that’s okay.

So Jenna’s gonna be editing the podcast part. Tyler has, what have you got so far? – I’m working on the assembly edit and sort of stringing everything out, going everything unionized, and then the– – Okay. Jenna, I feel like because you were in a lot of the podcast role. So if you wanna.

– Yeah.

– Start editing that, then you’ll be able to make any alters you want. And then I’ll going to be home and start maybe doing some slo-mo montages’ make those are my favorites. – Those are your favorites. – Yeah, then we can go from there.

Ready, sides in. One, two, three, team. One, two, three, unit! This is the realistic scenario that I have been using the iPad for a good deal. I’ve been currently working on my Animal Crossing island trying to crossbreed flowers.

So I’ve been using the iPad a lot to reference and now I don’t have to reach solely over this far to touch the iPad because the trackpad is over there. I’ve also been using it a lot because there is an Animal Crossing pattern tool, so you can import images.

It’ll pixelize them and then you will be able to generate a QR code and then I use my phone to import the QR code into my Nintendo app and then I importation that into my Switch, into the game, and then I can be utilized it as signs or illustrations, mostly whatever I require in-game.( wintry music) In case you guys forgot, you can use Xbox and PlayStation controllers on the iPad. You can also use it on your iPhone as well.

So if there’s any activities that is compatible with it, while playing “Hot Lava” right now. I’m gonna play some basketball. Come here, give me this. We’re gonna do this, we’re gonna get this in. Nope, we’re not.

It still is crazy that you can use an Xbox controller to video games on an iPad. This is so great. Right now I’m use Sidecar on the iPad. So I’m basically use this iPad as a second display but what I like so much about this and I frankly don’t know why it made Apple so long to make this type of a event is I can easily adjust this without having to move my iPad all around.

But I’m still such a huge fan of this case.

If you haven’t been able to tell, action, keyboard, whatever you wanna call it. So I’m editing this video and I have my browser space over here. So on the iPad, I can use this as a second display with all of the footage that I have for this video. I can add my in, my out pitches, and I’m actually just use the keyboard on my computer and I can add that right in here. I’m just gonna add it at the end.

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You can also mirror the showing. So if I wanna have a full edition of what is on my observe, it can have it on the iPad as well. You guys might be wondering what’s happening right now. Jenna is also wondering what’s happening right now. – I was playing my tournament, I examined up and I was like, “Oh.

” – This is a really elaborate setup that we have right now. Using this app announced Cinamaker and it’s allowing me to monitor four different creeks from these three telephones and an iPad on the floor.

And what’s amazing about this is obviously having this pass-through power. I’m able to make sure that this iPad stands charged while we’re monitoring all four of these brooks. You can use this to do live flows or you are eligible to simply record it and then edit it later.

This app is so awesome. I plan on doing a bigger video talking about this. So when I was setting up the Matty cam on the age-old iPad with the smart keyboard, that’s when I realise how astounding it is to be able to have the compas of motion that the Magic Keyboard has because I wouldn’t have needed to shove an extra battery underneath the contingency to get that same exact shot.

One of the ways I’ve been using this iPad a lot recently is in my home gym. Since I can’t go out and go to group yoga class like I used to, I’ve been using this a lot to do on-demand yoga classes.

I’ve also been using it to do some instructional teaches here with my friend. Doesn’t have a name yet.

But I’ve been watching a knot of various types of jiu-jitsu tutorials, and the new Magic Keyboard is offsetting it much simpler to adjust the stand. So if I’m doing a different workout, if I’m doing yoga or something like that, I’m able to adjust the stand very easily, and with one side. Hey, Matty, we’re gonna do a yoga workout now.

A little downward hound? Okay. Okay. That was it, that’s. Your tongue touched my teeth, Matty.

Just not quite like the real thing. I time had a believed. This can make a great tripod. Well not really a tripod but a kickstand for seeing TikToks. All freedom, here we go.

Let’s set a timer.

Yes, it’s my best design, ladies and gentlemen. That is talent. Matty, come on inside. And that, your best friend, is the first look at the brand-new Magic Keyboard for the iPad.

This thing, candidly, is really cool. I established you guys a cluster of kind of situations where I would normally use my iPad and you can still use an iPad without this but it has enhanced the entire experience overall. One of the questions that I’m sure many of you guys are gonna be asking is can you use this with the old-time edition of the iPad? And yes, you can. This is the new smart keyboard on the aged iPad and it still fits right where the camera is, you’ll really have a larger square cutout because this one has two cameras.

Thank you guys so much for watching. Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments or on Twitter because I have been using this thing extensively over the past several days.

Don’t forget to like this video if you enjoyed it. Be sure to agree if you haven’t already and thumped the buzzer so you’ll be alerted when I affix brand-new videos. I have a bunch of new ones coming up for you guys, so is secure to do all of those things and I will see you guys in specific comments. Bye!

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