NEW JABRA ELITE 7 PRO A New Era of Premium Earbuds

jabra claims to have reinvented true-blue wireless earbuds with their new flagship the jabra nobility 7 pro but with so many incredible earbuds selling for less than 100 adding wireless accusing or anc is is no longer enough to stand out in a ocean of wireless earbuds so what did jabra actually do to make these earbuds so many of them well they did a marry things let’s get into it hey everyone welcome back to the channel i’m mike o’brien and like i said this is the jabra elite 7 pro a duet of earbuds that ought to have much anticipated by anybody following earbuds and i signify i personally have been really excited about these since they were announced and more

importantly since i reviewed the jabra elite threes but before i ask what the difference is here let’s kind of take a little rewind and talk about a brief timeline of jabra earbuds so two years ago jobber came out with the elite 75 t’s in my opinion the issue is arguably the best jobber earbuds that they ever made at least until now but that was because they had superb bass they had a great battery life a great fit unusually very comfortable and for a long time they were one of my favorites on this path in the earbud the examinations and my analogy videos they are generally came up on top or at least very near the top and then last year so 1 year after the 75 teas jabra came out with the 85 ts and the jobber 85 ts i thoughts various kinds of made a step back so while they were better in that they supplemented powerful active interference elimination and they contributed a qi wireless charging on the suit they made a step back because something i really liked about jabra was that compact form factor the small case the long battery life like fitting everything into something so small-minded i thought was really important and the 85 ts supplemented a good deal of bullet and then a duo weeks ago jabber came out with the elite threes and since i reviewed them on this path which i’ll link to that down below well truly cherish these earbuds splendid client very similar design to what we saw on the 75 tees and since i saw that video i’ve actually frayed these on every single run i’ve gone on which is several times a week that’s because i find that they’re lighter and more secure and and overall i just feel like they’re better for exercisings than most other earbuds on the market but now we have the jabber elite pro 7 which i’m more than confident is definitely going to take the place of the gibberish elite 3s at least for my workouts i really like these earbuds and let’s is the beginning with a physical expedition to see what they’re

actually good at now you can see the dispute motif is a little bit different and at first i was skeptical of this because one of the things i really loved about the jabra nobility 3s and the 75 ts was the pact case i thought it was a incredible intend the path it opened it was small it fit well in your pockets and everything about it just made a lot of ability but now they vanished with a more clamshell design more similar to what we saw with the galaxy twigs which is another case design that i surely do like of course with this new case design you are getting a bigger surface on the bottom for qi wireless blaming which i think is a positive and you do have some fast bill options where you can charge it for five minutes and get one hour of listening but when you open up the case far and away one of the best features of these earbuds is that unbelievably small-scale pact immensity and condition so these earbuds fit incredibly comfortably in my ears much like the jabra privileged 75 ts actually even better than those honestly and they’re more secure than the 85 ts i found that these earbuds not only feel unbelievably light when you’re working out they don’t feel like there’s too much in my ears not a lot of pres build up and being that they’re so tiny and pact you would expect all right perhaps they jeopardized on chime tone perhaps they accommodation on the battery life they actually didn’t either just as a area tone i have a lot of other earbuds on my desk right now so if you want to see those videos coming out very soon be sure to go down and sounds that subscribe button and the buzzer icon so you don’t miss those videos so as i

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mentioned one of the aspects of jabra earbuds i’ve always been really fond of is how flush they are in your ears so when “youre wearing” them they never look like they stick out too far they’re never too oversized and now these being even smaller are even more subtle so whether you’re wearing them for video gratifies or whether you’re wearing them on a bus or in public or any other situation a slight sunrise pair of earbuds i think searches a lot nicer and speaking of appears they too come in three different emblazons so these are the black and gray ones undoubtedly there’s also an all-black version and an all sunburn account so i mean candidly you can choose whichever one gapes the most subtle to you something strange i noticed with these earbuds is when i take them out of my ears because the silicone tip is so soft a lot of days it turns inside out and inspecting on the outside you’ll experience another thing i’ve always really liked about these earbuds being the really perfectly tactile physical buttons so unlike a good deal of earbuds that have touch controls the physical buttons i think act better “while were” outside and you’re wearing gauntlets or if your hands are wet or literally any other situation where you want to use a button instead of a physical touching button i think there’s more status than not where touch ascendancies only end up not working as well as you want them to so physical buttons are terrific i’m happy to see that on here and appearing on the inside of the earbuds you’ll realise “were having” our blame nodes we have our minuscule little closenes sensor these do actually have auto play and vehicle paws when you set them in or make them out of your ears i think that’s a

great thing to have and they have microphones that are really hard to see on these earbuds but we’ll get into a microphone measure in simply a second to see how good that actually is because again when you go on their website that was one of the big alleges they moved they’ve been talking all about their improved hear through the improving microphones and everything along those lines so actually summarising the physical motif i think it’s smaller it’s more compact they still have physical buttons the physical buttons feel great and now they have ip5 7 sea fight and dust fighting as well meaning that these are really sturdy so physical intend has always been something gibberish truly did well and i think that’s a great thing that i commend them for but the the microphones have never truly been passing the bundle so the fact that they’re claiming that this organization is leading the backpack does me actually interesting to trying them out so let’s actually get into a test right now and be seen to what extent the microphones actually voice okay so getting into a microphone measure this is what it is just like indoors in a studio environment with the jabra society 7 pro so you can leave a comment and let me know how these sound to you but of course you’re not always going to be indoors in a gentle environment sometimes you’re going to be outside on a sidewalk or near some noisy commerce so let’s go in a louder environment and see how they perform there all right so now we’re outside by a pretty busy road a lot of ambience out here so leave a comment and let me know if you can hear what i’m saying in a noisier environment now with such a compact motif you might assume that jabra endangered on the

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sound quality or the battery life and that’s actually not the case i found that these earbuds have a jolly marvelous battery life but depending on where you look you find different counts like jobber’s website said 8 hours or 30 hours with the subject but on the box it was told you get 9 hours with the earbuds and 35 hours with the case regardless of what it is it’s a phenomenal battery life and it should definitely get you through a jolly long time listening to these and another benefit is if for some reason you wanted to extend that battery life or if you time want to do this for any other reason you can listen to really one earbud at a time so these do have mono mode again something that in the past jobber earbuds have various kinds of strove with so that’s because they’re now abusing bluetooth 5.2 which is huge positive but that various kinds of leads-in into one of the first flaws unlike a good deal of the previous java earbuds at least at propel these don’t have any kind of multi-pairing so i cannot connect to two inventions at once as i used to be able to with the 75 ts and the 85 t’s instead at least right now i’m only merely able to connect to one manoeuvre at a time with the jabra elite 7 pros and speaking of the connectivity and the features of these earbuds let’s take a look at the app the jobber sound app has a lot in there and it ever gets a little better with every contemporary so right here you can see the jabra upper-clas 7 pros has a lot of things here we can have different levels of active noise cancellation which i’ll talk more about that in a second we also have hear through state which has many different levels of that as well and from my own experience the discover through is really clean with this that was one of the things they boasted

about when they launched these earbuds and kind of rightfully so i think it chimes really clean and truly crisp with almost no delay at all so it sounds like you’re not even wearing them that’s something that i was really happy to see we also have an equalizer down here with several different ways you can eq this the energize is pretty exciting and of course i’ll talk more about bang in a second but realistically like they have a lot of capabilities i found that when you adjust the eq you can really max out each one and or minimise each one and you don’t have a lot of distortion and then of course they have their soundscape as well on the bottom which is something that jobber has always had it’s just white noise something to sleep with and since these are so much smaller than a lot of other earbuds i could obviously meet people sleeping with these and playing some white noise in the app i likewise desire that you’re able to customize the restrains now i mentioned that the phone tone with these earbuds was pretty substantial despite being in such a minuscule structure factor they didn’t really compromise much but there was one thing that i care they had and that is higher quality codecs these are limited to spc and aac which if you have an iphone is all you’re able to do anyway but irrespective they seem to sound really good they have a very powerful bass that doesn’t really lose balance no matter how you eq this and i found that you know even if you want to eq and max out the bass or totally minimize the bass you really don’t have much aberration and even when you max it out it doesn’t sound extremely blurred overall i believe they did a really good job presenting the balance in a highly capable duo of earbuds and the only disorders i had of course being that you don’t have the higher quality codecs these are not the most analytical duet of earbuds out there and they are very slightly sibilant but otherwise they’re very fun and lively voice i find that for most people anyone who’s not an audiophile you’re going to utterly love the announce of these earbuds like i said powerful bass awfully capable and they seem to sound certainly offset in just about every category i’ve tried to listen to but the active noise cancellation on these earbuds is unfortunately not quite as impressive as the announce


quality or the pattern ingredient or anything else about these earbuds i found that while the asc unquestionably does a good position blocking trash out it’s nowhere near the level of the sony earbuds or even the airpods pro so for anc they do the job well enough but they’re not going to be anything too substantial but that’s been it that’s my take on the jabra privileged 7 pros overall they’re a moderately stupendous pair of earbuds but do they justify the cost discrepancies between these at 199 versus the jabbering society threes which are less than half the cost honestly i would say that for most people if you’re on a tight budget it’s going to be a no-brainer to go with the cheaper duo of earbuds that still give you the benefit of having a job or pair of earbuds being a very comfortable very compact pair but for anybody who is not tight on fund and you want a more compact pair that is very slim looks really nice very clean with enormous dominates huge phone and enormous microphones i imply the jabra privileged seven pros are actually a no-brainer but bearing in mind like i said the active noise cancellation is going to be your one compromise you don’t have the most powerful anc but you’re getting a smaller pair of earbuds so let me know what you think would you prefer the sony xm4s with their larger chassis factor but with that to be all right active racket cancellation or something smaller like the jabras right here which give you not as great active noise elimination but just about everything else in a really compact design i want to hear from you guys in specific comments below as always if you enjoyed this video consider liking and agreeing i’m michael bryan thanks and i’ll see you next time you

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