Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker with Google Assistant

if you’re looking for a great smart-alecky speaker and you don’t want to spend too much money on the google home or the apple dwelling character then consider the xiaomi mi smart speaker hi guys this is big fair and welcome back to another video this time we’re going to be checking out the xiaomi mi smart-alecky talker this is a great alternative to the apple home part and the google residence this is also much bigger than the apple homepod and the google home the price is really good much cheaper than those two other smart-alecky loudspeakers like really cheap i’m gonna discontinue the link of this uh smart-alecky talker in the description below so if you miss it you know where and how how to get wise from you can get it on amazon or on ebay or on the xiaomi website is available the rate is very good i convey it’s like up here i am thinking the expenditure is about 52 euros dollars yeah that’s what i paid for it 52 us dollars plus carrying and all that it’s not up to 60 us dollars so it’s a really good premium in this video we’re gonna catch out if the xiaomi mi smart-alecky talker is something you should consider or even consider buying it we’re gonna check out everything about it the articulate auxiliary because it has the google expres aide and alexa so we’re gonna check out if you can respond very well to your expres if you can control everything if you can control other smart-alecky

devices so we’re gonna find out everything keep carolled to the end so here are some specifications about this smart speaker we got things like strong voice which signifies it can produce good quality sound dts professional tuning which is great you can situated panic timer reminders notifications everything from this orator you can get answers to all your questions which is great hi-fi audio processor plan your there switch music and media from this loudspeaker which means you can connect it to your computer to your tv to your phone your tablet that’s great so you can also switch other residence smart residence designs like your light that’s nice all right let’s open it up the first thing we can see is a quick start guide and we’re going to kept it on the side and we lift up this little cardboard right here and that is it guys the xiaomi mi smart talker let’s see what is comes in the box and here there is adapter is right here and this is how the adapter looks a lot like simply look like a charging bill restraint and this is how it looks like right here so i’m pretty sure you got to plug it in all the time in order to get it powered on i don’t know if it has a battery in it we’re going to experiment it out but this is the adapter right here this is how the xiaomi mi smart speaker looks like and as i mentioned earlier it is much bigger than the google dwelling and the apple homepods much bigger than those orators and it has a very nice improved people this is metal grill so it’s not plastic which is nice this part right here this silver segment is rhythm it’s not plastic the top which is which is plastic has all the regulates we have two microphones on the top the loudnes plus and miners it’s right here this is where you mute the microphone so if you touch and it is not physical button it’s just a touch so which is nice just

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simply touch it it’s not physical buttons the microphones where you soften the microphone is right here play on pause it’s right here or you are eligible to merely use your enunciate to control everything i mean you don’t need to touch uh the musician pulsate or increase the volume you can use your utter to control everything on this loudspeaker it is a smart speaker and there is an contributed light-headed that proceeds round this top so whenever you’re controlling the speaker you can see the light the in glowing indicator which goes to show when the speaker is responding to you or for example if you use the magic word the lighter is going to come on to let you know that hey it’s now listening which is nice there is also a little me branding right here on the bottom very little hard to see and the bottom photo bar show-stoppers to keep these orators in place it doesn’t move when the music is playing that’s nice in the on the back this is where you’re gonna influence it on you’re gonna plug the adapter right here and yeah that’s how it’s going to look like so now it entails because there is no power button which means we have to plug it in at all time in order to control this orator or in order to play music with it because there’s no power but i was thinking that we might have a battery which you can use it wirelessly but no there is no power button so i have to connect it or have to plug in the adapter first when you plug in the smart-alecky speaker to an shop there is a white light the preceded gauge is not showing white and blinking which wants it is now on in pairing state so all you got to do is download and install the google home and which is great it’s a great word because you can control everything from the google home you don’t need any other app really the google dwelling so once you got it set you go into it is starting and you get the account giving your google account in it and wait a

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little bit you precisely follow the process and as you can see right here is looking for the device right now and right there the me smart talker has been determined does it quite simple the rest just keep going precisely follow the process and that’s all[ Music] now the smart speaker has been been incorporated into my smartphone to the google home app which is great it’s just so easy it takes a long for all the process all the connecting setup but it’s supposed to do now the next thing you got to do is just to use the magic word hey google what’s the time right now it’s 6 48 p.m yeah as you can see it’s also responding on my phone so everything works on the speaker you can play music with it hey google play in non-copyright music okay check out this no copyrighted music terminal on youtube music hey google applied the volume at a hundred percent hey google set the music uh i leant the volume at fifty percent hey google kept the publication at 100.

So it chimes really good and the good thing is it responds to your expression even when the music is at it at 100 as you guys can see right here the loudnes is at a hundred percent work but it can still listen to me[ Music] so after listening so many different types of music with these me smart speakers i’m gonna say it sounds good but not enormous the bass is alright the bass is good this it resounds crispy clay you can hear voice so good even at 100 volume it announces so good no aberration but the bass is not that large and it voices thunderous but not loud enough here i am thinking the apple home

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pod has bass than this or smart-alecky loudspeaker the committee is also sounds louder than this one but for the rate come on for the expenditure i make after buying shipping on everything the rate is not up to 60 u.s. dollars so for the toll that is right it’s good it’s good enough and the best thing about is the fact that it works with the google utter assistant you use the google home app the home app which is just perfect everything you is submitted in response to your expres so good even at 100 work it listen to yourself thanks to the great tool speaker microphone on the top and the develop caliber is great everything about it is good so let me let you guys tell me what do you guys think about this uh me smart-alecky loudspeaker is it a great alternative to me it is a great alternative to those google residence and the apple homepod because the price is good the construct aspect is liberty the din is good and it has a very beautiful resulted benchmark right here so whenever you’re talking to red the contributed lamp turn on it’s just a great orator yeah and that’s all about this video guys thank you all for watching if you like it please give it a thumbs up if you’re new to the channel please smack the agree button turn a notification for more videos more great videos coming up on large-hearted cinema tv until then see into the next one peace

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