Soundpeats H2 In-Depth Review The Successor to the Soundpeats H1

so today’s earbuds from soundpeat seems to have a very familiar vibe around it and we’ve seen this design a couple of times before and although we are familiar with the capabilities of soundpeats and what they can put out we’re still here to see how these will play-act today we’re taking a look at the latest iteration of their h successions of earbuds and to see if this new iteration is something worth your consideration so let’s find out welcome to a review of the soundpeats h2 hello my epithet is sean and welcome back to my canal if you’re brand-new here i do a good deal of tech refreshes as well as unboxing and if there’s something that interests you do consider subscribing to this channel leave a thumbs up on this video as well share this video to all your best friend around and with that said let’s get on with the consideration of its soundpeats h2 so i’ ve personally bought these earbuds for review and i got them for about 329 malaysia ringgit or about 80 us dollars which is exactly the same price as the coveted resonate fragment h1 when it was launched but i’m curious to see if they live up to the hype or expectation that the original h1 had and this new one was almost like a quiet handout from hubbub

peds so let’s take a look also if you’re interested in buying these earbuds do check out my links in the description below so soundpiece had recently been ditched the iem vogue design and those see-through earbuds with the h1 and has now kind of focused on stem style earbuds so this case design has been identified quite a few ages with the earphone breath pro 2 halo w1 the kumi discretion dots and a duet more so all of this clamshell designing with this cradle where the root sits on the top itself so this one is a very familiar vibe here so frankly i would prefer an iem vogue earbuds it fits me better ogles more sophisticated and not as normal looking as these stem style earbuds but i cannot deny that the new h2 is pretty darn comfy so the color scheme here you get with the new h2 is similar to the likes of the original phone pete sonic with a gray-haired hue event and some bronze or rose amber accent but this time sound piece passed the case a neat clear coat and it glitters like a new auto make-up enterprise and one good thing about this is that it’s not going to microchip and the decorate place is not going to fade over era so at the top now you’re going to get the soundpeats logo in this unique rose amber pigment now and behind the suit you’re going to get a ordinary type c accusing port and when you push it in you’re going to get three directs at the figurehead to tell you the battery percentage of such cases as far as my testing goes you’re losing out wireless blaming on this new case but it’s mostly a handy thing but something i can live without so the lid statu here is also not as fee and opening to the outside world it up there’s no special hinges or friction lid to hold the lid up so it does throw closed on you so the earbuds inside are your usual

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stem style earbuds fits really nice and cozy in the ears and has a nice silver color to it as well this time round soundpiece contributed the motto a climb amber impres and it passed it a pretty modern look overall with the lines and stuff like that so the tip-off of the earbuds doesn’t have any sensors so you can see it’s quite plain there and lastly the nicest part of these earbuds is the metal tip with the arise gold finish so if i just pull this out so you can see that this rose golden metal hearing tips here that soundpeats gives actually give this earbuds an delicate search so battery life is slightly shorter compared to the h1 now coming in at five hours compared to the six hours on each one and this is of course rated at 50 capacity and as “youre playing” them louder battery life will definitely significantly reduce so the occurrence battery is also shorter now giving you only three additional charges at 15 hours compared to the five additional charges at 30 hours for the h1 there is no mention of any speedy charging but charging these earbuds up from empty-bellied takes about one and a half hours so when the h1 was announced it had the best chipset available from qualcomm and now that the qcc 3040 chipset is getting more and more common there’s really nothing more special about it is currently so the h2 too comes with the same qcc 3040 chipset by qualcomm has bluetooth 5.2 subsistences aptx adaptive aac and sbc audio codec and that’s frankly what is necessary is anticipated get when buying an earbuds today at this cost site there is no official ip rating that i’ve seen just yet but i’ve authenticated this with soundpeats and they say that it comes with an ipx4 water resistant rating uh do note that the original h1 comes with ipx5 so for ipx4 you’re principally going to get sweat and splashing resistant so these earbuds likewise come with super seamless left and right playback and putting either feature back into the case


doesn’t pause the audio so that’s really nice and lastly there is no multi-point connectivity on these earbuds so sound signation of the soundpiece h2 does not disappoint and lives up to the performance of the h1 as well so locate here is really punchy and strong with these new earbuds and they hold a very firm very solid and forceful punch delivers remarkable superpower with every bass droop and if you play them loud enough you can actually hear the sub bass growling below it and if i were to pick one dominant music signature in this earbuds it is certainly be the bass notes so vocals or the mids on these earbuds are good they reverberate forward but to some extent you feel it’s not the main dish here with the h2 i feel they could pop a little bit more but if you visualize the infinite projection of these earbuds the vocals are like a step behind all the instruments precisely a very tiny bit don’t get me wrong these are not softened earbuds they voice very good and vocals still resound really nice they’re just not the emphasis here the high-pitcheds here are radiant as well but have the same story as the mids they are present and you can hear the nose ba operator doing its thing but i do feel it could be a tad bit brighter exactly a tiny bit more and this “wouldve been” the excellent sounding earbuds and i think soundpitch is really there when it comes to sound signature a little bit more tuning will make this one of the better sounding earbuds of 2021.

So this is a test to see if the brand-new soundpeats h2 is a good earbuds for building telephone calls so this is me speaking a relatively quiet environment and this is the call quality that you can expect so what i’m going to do now is turn on a simulated background racket so you are eligible to hear a difference so now there’s a pretended background sound playing in the background this is the call quality that you can expect from this earbuds so what do “youre thinking about” the announce quality let me know in the comment section down below similar to its oldest brother the h1 and h2 both have very similar latency performance and to that i’ll say that it’s very responsive in real era latency is actually relatively hard to detect when playing games like pubg and turning on gaming state further smacks down the latency and i’m really super impressed with what the h2 can deliver anyways let’s take a look at the latency performance of these earbuds so again excellent see arrangements here with the h2 and soundpeats hammers it on their first try and continues to bring its great restraints to all their earbuds so to increase the magnitude tap formerly on your right earbuds and you will see the capacity slowly go and tap formerly on the left side and you will see this volume slowly going down so double tapping on either side of the earbuds allow you to play or delay your media so play or pause rather simple so to hop-skip ways forward press and hold on the right

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earbuds and it will hop-skip forward and press and hold on the left earbuds and it will bounce downwards and candidly “thats one” of the most accept skip ways feature that i’ve get still further so triple tapping on either side of the earbuds will bring out your assistant so one two three interval your media and draw out your aide and finally to toggle in and out of gaming mode simply tap four times on the left earbuds and you will hear a nice dame tell you that “youre in” or out of gaming mode so one two three four and you’re in gaming mode so that’s pretty much the limit programme of the phone p2h2 so if you already have the h1 i candidly don’t see a reason for you to upgrade to the h2 and frankly they are both very similar acting earbuds in a different style and a different eggshell everything else is pretty much the same but if “youve been” demanded the h1 previously and haven’t gotten them more then maybe it’s time to check out the h2 in this price point personally i’ ll push you towards going the audio core live p3 because that earbuds comes with anc it has a great companion app and the specs are pretty decent as well you’re going to miss out with bluetooth 5.2 and that aptx adaptive but comparing them in real life performance and importance for coin i’ll obviously go with the p3 so that is it for this review if you find this video supportive bang that thumbs up button share this video everywhere and if you haven’t yet subscribe do consider agreeing and i’ll see you.

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