Sony 90mm f2.8 Macro Full Review

what’s up people my figure is Marc Steiner and today we were going to be reviewing the sony 90 mil macro let’s get right into it so first things first let’s talk about the physical lens itself it’s about the same size as the Sigma 35 millimeter 1.44 sony e-mount but is significantly lighter it’s still going to be front heavy on your camera but not to the same extent it’s very manageable looking at this lens it’s a very pretty lens if you see this out in the wildernes you think oh that’s oh that’s a nice lens and I love that it has the markings for macro on here when you’re doing manual focusing it precisely one looks very aesthetically pleasing it looks like a high-end like a lens with that orange writing on it looks very nice like exceedingly vintagey I certainly appreciate that and then right above that you have this really nice manual focus resounding it’s like an all-metal build grille right here you can mmm you hear that that’s all metal that’s not rubber peals that you find on pretty much any other lens that’s

high-end metal and they exited with this like highly cheese grading structure so it’s very interesting it’s not as pleasant as a rubber ring but it surely feels like it’s going to last longer and it’s improved like a tank also what I love about this is that you can exactly move it down and now “youve had” manual focus supersede right on this lens which is so helpful when you do use the manual focus override it does have hard stops on the macro mission so it’s very helpful to know when you’ve reached minimum focusing interval and you can work it from there it doesn’t maintain going like some other lenses to infinity you just have that really nice little stopping point you can hear hard-boiled stops you’ve reached a maximum focusing length a great deal of lenses have the manual focus override as a switch on the back but with a macro lens that’s really nice to time invalidate it right then and there when you’re shooting in the moment and that’s super helpful to have moving towards the buttons on the side of this lens you have a customizable button like you do on most good Sony lenses so that’s always nice to have just because you can do anything you want with that but on the side now you’ll notice the carelessnes of that manual focus permutation because of the gadget of the ring instead we have optical portrait stabilization which is absolutely incredible that it is in this lens and just represents this lens so much better especially at this rate site and we’ll talk about that last-minute but on top of that you likewise have the focus limiter and I much elevate this implementation of the focus limiter than the previous lens I scrutinizes the 100 ml stf and this one is so helpful because you have the full reach but you can then limit it to 0.5 rhythms to infinity or 2.8 2.5 rhythms so you can go super macro normal cavity or only the full collection if you want that ability and that is such a nice thing to have so if you’re

wondering why your shots aren’t in centres when you’re at a certain focusing distance you can merely fling a swap and you don’t need to be worried about that it’s just really convenient super helpful so that’s about it for the physical lens itself let’s talk about act this lens acts really really well and it’s very versatile like all macro lenses you can do paintings with it you can do product photography with it I recall a great deal of people who are interested in this lens want it to do macro photos it is a macro lens and for marry photographers who want that detail shot of the rings or item shots of trash at the wed it’s super helpful and for other people who want to do concoction photography really helpful but it’s not only for macro substance you can use it very easily as a painting lens and it acts really really well and it’s super super sharp it’s as sharp-witted as my 85 1.8 which constitutes one of the sharpest lenses I’ve played with absolutely adoration it and you can very easily use this for descriptions it center very well I would say that in terms of its focus scope formerly you start getting into macro domain it doesn’t sharpens as well as the remainder and that’s to be expected it’s a macro lens but when you’re comparing it to the 85 1.8 in terms of focusing performance at regular sharpen distances I’d say that the 85 is definitely faster centre you’re going to cap things more in focus it’s just better focusing overall the 90 mil is very very respectable and you’re not going to be bummed about its focus performance at all the minimum center interval of this lens is 0.28 meters and that is going to give you a one-to-one reproduction that’s what you want out of a macro lens you want that one-to-one reproduction that is the reason why people will buy a high-end macro lens you’re not going to settle for something that doesn’t hit one-to-one with that minimum sharpen interval you’re practically able to get things in focus right up towards the lens because it’s about 11 inches of

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minimum focusing distance and from the focal airplane of the camera you’re able to get very very close it is a macro lens however you are going to need a lot of light-footed when you are that close because not sufficient light-colored is going to be hitting your topics so you’ll have to use blink or some really strong beacons if you really want to take advantage of that I found that while utilizing this lens if you’re within the further wander of macro country it’s going to perform very well with autofocus but once you start getting into that closer macro photography collection it’s going to really struggle with auto focus which is not surprising and is a macro lens you’re working with such shallow degree of domain that it’s just razor thin it’s almost impossible to get onto manually I has not been able to expect my camera to be able to get it in focus at that shallow of a distance so that’s why they have the manual focus override you can really applied it on and then use your own manual focus especially with focus peaking on the Sony cameras comes in awfully very helpful it’s a accord met in heaven let’s talk about what other lenses are on the market in this kind of territory you have the 70 millimeter from sigma and you have the 100 millimeter from Tokina the Tokina and the Sigma are both more budget-friendly nonetheless if you’re looking for a professional level lens with all the features to back it up this is by far the best the other two are going to suffer from chromatic phenomenon they’re not going to have the same features and the biggest thing for me is that the other two have this big cask that comes out of the lens this one focuses all internally nothing is protruding out of the lens it’s so nice to have that especially out of a macro lens so when you’re comparing it to the other things on the market sure they might be five hundred four hundred dollars cheaper but this is getting such better execution like such a night and day difference that it’s worth investing in that higher-end glass and although this is only rated as a G lens not a G surmount it emphatically accommodates up to having a G master moniker it is that good the fact that this has optical likenes stabilization built in may everything so much

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better that’s a feature you don’t see on any high-end lens it’s really difficult to positioned that into a lens and make it small and pact and still act really well and Sony was able to do that and that exactly varies everything it’s so helpful to have that when you’re shooting photo but as well as video so if you’re looking for macro territory lenses and you’re thinking about the Sigma and you’re thinking about the Tokina I would highly recommend saving up a little bit more and buying the Sony because it’s going to be such a big difference if you’re not focusing on macro stuff simply and you’re thinking about applying this more for biographies I think this is also a really good lens specially if you’re doing makeup elegance shots in the studio this I think is the best lens for that kind of stuff makeup beauty shots in the studio this is where this thing is going to succeed is so abrupt you can stop it down you’re working in a studio environment so you have all the light you need and you’re gonna get that beautiful item but you can get in even closer if you need to because of the macro capabilities of this lens if you’re not applying it for studio makeup photography labour where you’re in a stationary orientation and you’re thinking you like it as a run-and-gun lens it also works with that but when you start getting into that territory I think that the 85 if you’re only use it for photographs the 85 1.8 is a much better bang for your buck and it’s going to perform more effective and the bokeh on the 85 1.8 is going to be cleaner more round a little bit more cat eyed but on the macro lens the bokeh is going to be a little bit octagonal simply because of the nature that the opening blades are changed in this lens on the video slope of things this lens again performs very well in terms of regular focal wander but when you start getting into macro province you want to use manual focus that’s just how it goes when you’re that close and the focal airplane is that insignificant you need to be using manual focus I most recommend a tripod it’s not going to do

well with crazy handheld shots that you’re tracking everything no this is like for very detailed up close things you require a duo seconds for a shot and then call it a daytime that OSS does come in handy for handheld shots whether it is necessary to do that but if you’re doing professional task highly recommend exploiting the manual focus for video for this next test I forgotten to bring my tripod so everything you see here is shot handheld but look at that stabilization sure it is 120 but it is so creamy so smooth and I can’t believe how stable I was able to get this handheld this looks really really good for a handheld shot so it takes a second for the lens to actually smacked critical focus on Rachel’s hearts and this is a theme throughout the test here it does a very good job of going the person in focus but it takes a little extra second to touched that critical focus as you see here we can adapt to her being in focus but it just takes that extra little second to touched that critical focus which is what we want as you witnessed with the background right there it kind of focuses in steps it’s not as smooth as other lenses that I’ve measured before and here with Rachel it transitions to her being in focus but merely achieves critical focus after a hot second on to the iaf test this is post 3.0 firmware update so we’re getting the latest and greatest an seeing tracking and it does a fairly good job there’s no grumbles now whatsoever again it’s not the fastest lens I’ve ever tried when it comes to iaf but it does a very good job at tracking however when Rachel travels out of the formulate it seems to lose focus completely and do this massive focus hunting which is super weird but when she gets back into enclose it catches right back on the eye which I find super surprising so overall this lens is a steal for $1000 for nine hundred to a thousand dollars you can find this lens on sale for nine


hundred dollars it’s usually around $1,050 but this is such a good value for what you’re trying to accomplish you’re not going to be disappointed by this lens this thing outranks all of the other high-end macro lenses we talked about some third-party ones but if you look at Nikon’s or canons offering this blows those out of the spray and the fact that it’s about the same price as them it’s a little bit more expensive and it’s come down in premium from when it was initially announced but for around $1000 you’re not going to find anything that’s better than this this is the cream of the crop when it is necessary to macro lenses and I most recommend employing this lens if you’re looking for a good macro lens alright chaps that’s it for me let me know what you think in the comment section down below time you have this lens are you thinking about buying this lens are you going to be buying this lens if you are thinking about it my word is Ben Marc Steiner and I will see you next time what’s up people it’s Rachel you’re shooting with it me what’s up guys it’s Rachel now with oh yeah you got a touched yeah yeah yeah well don’t actually affected it but like merely that motion what’s up guys is here with it’s here with your list Rachel alright guys so I’m here with Rachel and we are killing it today Oh what are we doing today Rachel we’re getting beautiful macro shots of your beautiful face cuz yeah that’s what we’re doing and we’re gonna nail it

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