Andycine A6 Plus Best Budget Monitor Review

what’s up chaps my specify is marking signer and today we are talking about the andy cine a6 plus observer let’s get right into it[ Music] now before we get into the full video i do want to disclosed that andy cine did are to be achieved and mail me this monitor but they are not pay me for any of my opinions and frankly i would not be making a video if i didn’t think it was a worthwhile product and even before they arrived at out i had my eye on this concoction because of all of its amazing features and its premium level at its toll pitch of around 200 between 220 and 200 depending on sales and discount it varies this is a really really impressive budget monitor and for what i need as a running and gun person it works out i don’t need a crazy recorder i don’t need all these stupid boasts that i’m never going to use i honestly just wanted something that was going to be bigger than my camera monitor with some awful features and that delivers so you’re getting a 1080 display on this monitor which is really helpful when you want to do things like this 1080 is a good resolution for a observer if you start getting into 4k and above the expenditure just goes up astronomically so the facts of the case that you’re getting a 1080 p display at this rate part is actually really impressive and it does give you room to zoom in and out of but by far this boast i am most elicited about on this observer is watch this false color i think this is so cool especially for me being able to see my revelation right off the bat with a more professional behavior of checking show before when i was just exercising my sony cameras i would just be looking at my histogram as well as the plus minus 0.3 0.7 on my check which you know is is good enough it did the job but now that i have false color in the palm of my hand it actually meets my life that much easier and i can really dial in that perfect exposure extremely when working with s-log 3 on the brand-new a7s3 there’s so much dynamic wander that it’s really important to me to be able to see what is actually overexposed and what isn’t and what is exposed properly so for me false coloring being able to see that is really really important let’s just go ahead and turn that right off and we can do that by doubled tapping on the screen and we can just go bop bop and turn that off now although speciou complexion is my favorite thing about this check there are still a ton of other pieces some of which i haven’t even expended yet and to steer all of those features the

touch screen and its functionality is actually really really simple i got used to it very quickly you really doubled sound core residence screen and then you have all of your options right here which is awesome and you are eligible to just do the all ripples on if you so wish bop and then tap off in the centre for human rights and everything is there and you can see how everything is going up and that’s pretty cool but then if i want to turn that off i can just go all billows off which is really really helpful and then i once again i can be found in what i’m doing on the check which is really nice to see if you don’t want to dig into the menus every single time you can actually set up a quick menu organisation which is just a swipe up which i really relish and you can turn these on and off and just see what’s in focus your histogram and these are really nice and you can actually customize these by double tap on them and going to choose which one you actually want so i want false color on there i just swipe up boom type one there we go false color and then i can time turn that off with another simple swipe up and off which i really appreciate so even though this monitor has buttons and dials and whatnot well have never use a single one of these buttons and phones aside from the influence button obviously because the touch screen is just so good and easy to steer it spawns my life so much easier and we’re so used to our telephones and whatnot it only meets ability i’m not trying to be using buttons and dials all the time i do like having a functional touch screen so like i was saying this is a 1080 p board but you can actually input 4k signals into this up to 4k 30.


So if you’re doing talking headshots like that where you’re at 24 makes 25 frames 30 encloses this check is exactly what you need now if you start getting into more high enclose pace material like 4k 60 4k 120 4k 240 depending on what camera you have now then it’s not going to be able to support that signal which is a bit of a bummer but at the same time i feel like when you’re using slow motion i don’t tend to use a observer and again i’m a particularly loped and firearm category myself so i don’t use my monitor that often out in the field when i’m just shooting content for myself but on client shoots when you can show them this on a observer and not on the camera or be able to show themselves made up before you start recording that’s a really helpful thing so again for me i don’t need all these shocking crazy peculiarities that this has to offer it’s just nice having a separate 5.5 inch expose that people can see themselves on and that’s what i’ve been using it for mostly is showing and being able to see myself six feet away from my camera which is really nice

let’s talk about the improve tone of this monitor at this cost top you’re not expecting something that’s astronomically stunning it’s mostly plastic which is to be expected but it does inspire confidence and you know it might subsist one lowering but you know it’s not going to fall apart while you’re using it as you’re supposed to be using it but i also wouldn’t be throwing this against the walls and making this into the arctic it has a dual artillery plan which well really like and i think will apply to most people out there it now subsistences sony npf batteries as well as canon lp e6 batteries so if you’re a canon shooter you can really throw a battery from your camera on there and if you’re a sony person you probably have sony npf artilleries if you’ve been in the sector and if you haven’t they’re fairly inexpensive and you can only throw one on there i personally have not yet been artilleries attached to this right now and you might be wondering how can that be is the fact that it profess usbc as a power source so i actually have it hooked up via usbc to a supremacy bank and that’s what’s charging it powering it right now so i find that really really convenient extremely when you’re out around the world and you only want to run a firearm solution and you have a power bank that can power now your gimbal your camera and the monitor that’s really really helpful the committee is also peculiarities an sd poster slot which you can load some 3d cube luts onto there and use when you’re displaying your footage which is really really nice i have noticed one of any issues that annoys me about this observe is that if i have hlg 3 or s enter 3 gamma encourage on my camera that doesn’t actually translate over to the monitor it takes that facilitate apart so you do “re going to have to” load a good deal onto here and it does come with some preset luts as you can see here so if we want to turn that on what we need to do is pas ba lut swap and then exactly turn that on and there is the built-in s-log 3 lut because of the new colourings that i have with the a7s3 these aren’ t the most accurate but when you’re just out in the world and you want a rough think of how it’s going to look exposed correctly this is a really helpful feature to have and with the sd placard you can import your own specific lut so you can take in and bring in some creator luts from sony like i’m going to be doing or you can create

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your own nuts and employed them onto there as well and then you can get a proper exposure with your colorings not broiled in that’s the important part only considering they’re not baked in so that’s really really nice so it’s just good to have that kind of feature if you want that flexibility and then you can show consumers in the moment what a more color graded final product might look like this monitor comes with a delightful little sizzling shoe forearm so you can attach it to the top of your camera and because you’re losing the sizzling shoe on the top of your camera they actually give you one right back on the side of the limb which is really nice to see and because of that you can actually exactly turn this around into selfie mode and then flip it back and i love that it has the vehicle throw piece so you can always have it right side up it can be a little finicky at times it’s not the smoothest modulation but it is automatic now this observer isn’t perfect nor should it be for the price target we already talked about the erect aspect but there are some other things that i want to talk about going back to my favorite peculiarity false-hearted colouring i do wish that there was a little bit more gradation between the different hues like gray-headed which is what you want your scalp colours to be is just so big that yes even if they are these cameras have great dynamic range and you can always fix it in pole if you’re that close in that range i would like to see a little bit more finite gradation so you can dial in that perfect exposure uh but you know it is what it is on this monitor but that should be something that you can fix in a firmware update so i would love to see that from this corporation one other thing i want to talk about is the connection on my a7 r3 there were no problems whatsoever it picked up immediately and was absolutely flawless and i loved that but on the video that you’ve been watching me use i had it hooked up to my sony a7s iii and because it’s a new camera i’m chalking up

most of these issues because it’s a new camera and they didn’t definitely have all the firmware they needed when this camera was announced so i’m hoping they defined an update but i had some massive connection issues with my sony a7s iii and i ultimately did get it to work on a consistent basis and it seems to be working fine but on my a7r iii it doesn’t reveal a one-to-one replica of the camera which is what you’ve been assure with the a7 s3 it proves a much more pleasing uh what this looks like without all the menus and stuff there and it takes up the full screen and seems to be in a slightly higher definition so that’s just something with the a7 s3 maybe in a firmware update they’ll have the same functionality as on the r3 but too merely make sure that this is compatible with your camera i’m moderately certain they have a very wide range of camera conformity so i think it’s just because i have one of the newest cameras on the market and it’s maybe not supported by firmware just yet this being a budget monitor it does so happen to have a little bit of slow between what the camera is realizing and what you’re seeing on the observer for me again for these kind of shots that’s not a big issue for me if there’s a tiny bit of lag i’m not doing anything where having everything perfect as the camera is learning “its crucial” so again that’s just something you should be aware of and the last thing that i wanted to mention in this part of the review is that the observer does warm up while in use i’ve had no issues where it actually detrimented the performance of the monitor everything presentations punishment everything projects fine but it’s just something you should be aware of that it does in fact heat up

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it’s not hot to the touch it’s not going to burn you but it is warm and you should be aware of it now this observe is backpack full of one tonne of other pieces but like i said i’m not looking for something that’s crazy and most modern day cameras have a lot if not most of the features that this monitor does offering like focus peaking and zebras like all that has been accustomed in our cameras for a while which you can do on the camera itself if you so wish so for me those aren’t big super helpful things because i’ve been accustomed to that on the camera previously i wouldn’t be buying this observe for those features but things like fictitiou colouring being able to load luts in and having a bigger display that i can only zoom in on as well as display to clients and know that i’m in focus and have a better understanding of what my final product is going to look like is just very reassuring and i appreciate that so for me personally it’s the bigger exhibition it’s the facts of the case that i can see accurate colouring it’s the facts of the case that i can see accurate revelation with spuriou color and it’s just all these things into one for the low price of around 200 i think that’s a really really good deal and i think that a lot of beings out there are very interested at this expenditure place because when i started looking into monitors i was like all these monitors appear to have been 500 to a thousand dollars and i’m not willing to spend that much money on something that is not going to be used that often and at this price pitch 200 i feel like it’s very easy to justify this kind of monitor for your workflow all right guys that’s it for me let me know in the comment section down below did you enjoy this video are you roused about this observer do you think you’re going to be getting it or would you save up and splurge for a more expensive monitor or a recorder and i’ll see you next time

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