Top 5 iPadOS 15 Productivity Apps for Students

this video is introduce into you by spike as i shoot this it is macbook pro eve and i have two macbook pros coming so i’m super aroused to cover those in the coming weeks here which is also why i wanted to squeeze out one more ipad video um for the time being before the macbook pro content rushing this is an important video because i do very much value my ipad pro as a productivity and student oriented manoeuvre and today i want to share with you five apps that i think will meet your ipad os ordeal even more effective and as you can see here i’m shooting on an iphone with cinematic state that’s probably why this video “re gonna be all” uploaded in 1080p um and i’m shooting with the 13 pro up there with the 3x telephoto so it might be a tiny bit uncertain here and there i’m going to add stabilization but um yeah the 13 pro camera setup is really really great and i wanted to employed it to the test i’m too applying an iphone 13 as a voice over um you know little external audio record-keeper nature devices a little bit closer to my opening so this is a absolutely iphone shot video for your information so yeah with that said let’s jump into the demo now the first app that i want to show off to you is called spike and it would be a mistake to simply announce this an email client it works on top of a pre-existing email that you might have through your school or actually any website any patient that you really use already but it returns so many amazing aspects that will establish your email or just communication ordeal a whole lot better in my client i am logged into my institution history now as “youre seeing” and the number one thing i want to bring up first is um the style that emails inspect um in a typical email patron like gmail you various kinds of have like a schedule and sometimes like old-fashioned themes are sort of like underneath contents it’s a mess but with this you have actual communicative cartons like you might have an imessage which allows you to see more clearly where a new letter is and likewise to go back and understand what is really going on so i really do enjoy that this app also has great search functionality they call it super search if you sounds the search icon here you can look up a specific documents by keyword or contact even if you don’t remember the specify of your register and this can help you find enters very quickly without squandering age now and i won’t even investigation something because the file that i want to look at is this problem set regrade finding uh thing which had to do with an undertaking that my group and i turned into my business constitution class and we had to get something missed so this is already here recently and i didn’t have to burrow through previous emails to find it and also too i will mention this um as you can see here um i have a bunch of emails from my just like teachers and profs and stuff um this app will sort of sort your forward

priority wise so what’s most important will show up which is nice for biding unionized because sometimes your inbox can get highly unusually cluttered with mail you don’t necessarily want to read another one of my favorite features with this app is sending integrated voice senses you don’t have to go to voice memoes anymore you don’t have to like externally export it and then like send a different email outside of a talk you already have you can actually record a articulate memo right in app which is super convenient and i love this because a i’m a talker i prefer to talk to beings over the phone um but if i want to convey something complicated and not have to worry about typing it out peculiarly when i’m on the go you are eligible to really transmit something like this and formerly you’re done you press the check mark and you can actually play it back a little preview right in app which is super convenient and “i m loving” and that’s as simple as it is you can press pause you can go back and then send that upturn you know so i can uh receive that as well here and play that back right there you go that’s as simple as that and it’s great if you want to once again convey something very complicated or if you want to convey the freedom sentiment um it’s important to send audio senses and it’s very convenient here beyond audio sends too you can send gifs in chat sort of like you could with some messaging apps i can sounds the gif button now and “were having” some veering um gifs now so i can send like um this monkey one or you know garfield saying happy monday and that’s all an app i didn’t have to go to google personas i didn’t have to do any additional work it was already there and that again is really nice to realise emails more personal another great feature of this app is integrated voice messaging and video call messaging if you sounds on a particular contact even if they don’t have spike so long as you do you can call them or video chat them and they will receive a link to their email that they can click on and sort of engage that waste and real quick here’s a first person demo as to how meets or video asks work within spike emily a rep over at spike send me a convene attach which i can tap right here and i can join so here we are and there we go hello how are you i’m good sorry you can’t see my face but i’m filming a first being perspective now for the people but it’s sort of like zoom in the fact that you don’t have to actually have it downloaded or you don’t have to have the program to actually engage with it which is very nice and just like with expression calls and video conversations within spike you can also originate collaborative tones even if you are the only one with spike so long as

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somebody gets a link in the email they can collaborate with you in a different window again even if they don’t have the program installed or they’re not signed up so i can create a note here by pressing the little pencil button here and creating a new note by pressing that button and then we can open the note here in titleist i can call this group records for example and then type away and you know there’s rich textbook here you can have headers you are eligible to bold and italicize and all that good trash and here’s a demo of collaborative indicates when you actually have somebody to collaborate with i’m working on a to-do list and i shared this note with a person that could be a classmate and they are adding some suggestions to this list as well so i can add something like for example study that’s the thing that i can type with one side right now but as you can see somebody is updating this note live just like you would with the google docs so yeah this can happen once again within the spike app and without or outside of it if the other person doesn’t have it they can still interact with you again in a collaborative memorandum and final up i want to talk about red and received notifications within spike now so as you can see i sent myself sends about five minutes ago and i have two little light-green check marks here that means i received the message but if you scroll up here i sent myself a theme on tuesday and we have a little eyeball icon which implies i read it so this works for the most part and this is nice if you want to know if somebody is ignoring you maybe you’re in school and someone’s being passive aggressive if you want to know that they’re in the know um this is definitely a nice boast to have and also too precisely make sure that everybody within like a group project for example got an email you can make sure that you know everybody is caught up um and if a send failed to send you would know because you would not interpret the delivered notification so this is a nice feature as well and that about covers up spike it is a stupendous cross-platform email consumer and of course much more than that i have it on my mac i have it on my android phones when i use them my iphone and also my ipad so i’ll leave a link in the video description if you are interested in checking it out the second app that i want to demo is notion and this is the app that’s deterring “peoples lives” together right now although i have to kind of fill it out but this gives me the opportunity to kind of take you through my process um so

this is my weekly agenda now basically thought just sort of allows you to keep track of all the tasks that you do in whatever room you really require there’s a assortment of various types of you know organizations and this is the one that i prefer this is sort of a checklist category layout looks pretty bare bones right now but i’m going to add much more to it because i have so much macbook pro content to cover um so today was pretty chill i met with my group so i can actually write this in like i should have earlier this morning um i can say meet with um to group my t.o class is sort of like a technical operations and statistics like ply chain nature class that i have no idea what’s going on and um but i can do uh fulfill teo people and i can check that off there so if that was written earlier um yeah i could have checked that off and you know i could have felt more fulfilled about my period um but for tuesday i have to you know get the macbook pros are ratified for them because they’re being sent to my um situate um then i can do um come lunch here or pick up lunch because i will be out and about for that um with regard to the macbooks and then um i can also type you know um post unboxing that’s probably what i’m going to do and then maybe like watch tv you know down period make sure that i’m spending time with my sweetheart really having a second um in my daytime so that’s going to be tomorrow i’m going to add some more though but as i go through my daylight i check these off i likewise have a crazy content schedule list and i might end up consuming this because i have a lot of videos planned in a very short amount of day so this allows me to sort of differentiate my general kind of more broad-spectrum tasks with more specific ones that have to do with you know shooting a-roll or b-roll or scripting or writing etc um but yeah this app is an absolute concept it is free on the app supermarket i’ll leave a link to this as well it prevents me together candidly i have it on my phone i have it on my ipad and my mac and it’s all synced up through your email or whatever email you use it with it is fantastic i cannot accept i didn’t operation it sooner um i had friends who exerted it before and kind of recommended it to me and it was like i don’t need it but as i’ve become

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more busy with academy and substance and as i have congregates and videos and schoolwork to all sort of manage having everything in one arrange and having notifications and just like having on my phone having sort of a multi-cross-platform device sort of like spike or cross-platform program to keep me organized is very very important so again i’ll leave a link to this in the video description totally recommend working it it is honestly saving my life next up we have the tried and true notability is that even a saying i think it is but sometimes i feel like i’m making nonsense up when i’m tired but regardless notability has been an app that i’ve been using for years since i had an ipad air 2 before the apple pencil even existed i’ve been using this app to mark up pdfs to take notes it is really really great my sister actually exerts it on an ipad 7th gen she takes beautiful notations so this is definitely one of the best note-taking apps besides the other one which i’m going to talk about in a minute here it is definitely basic but it pieces so so well it’s been around forever and yeah it’s great for sell at pdfs unless you pull one up here here’s a perfect precedent of commemorate up a pdf this is my business law textbook i imported it here because i had it as a pdf and what i do is i print sheets out because i go to a really fun school where some of the class don’t allow you to have you know electronics on the inside which is so so sensical to me but nonetheless i can even if i was purely digital annotate my record now um like so and it’s really easy i don’t have to you know get a highlighter i don’t have to you know do it in an actual volume um and it continues it all in one place and again the ui is very very simple you have your top forbid up now with all of your ascertains your pigments um you can adjust the thickness of the highlighter which i’m going to do and actually kill this because this is way too solid um there we go that’s a more acceptable size now and yeah um that is um what i do here for business ordinance i move through um with notability and also too i ratify records as well i can maybe pull something up now that isn’t like you know too reticent well actually i’ll simply suppose

that i have something to sign here so let’s just profes i’m signing a contract or signing just something you know some sort of agreement um if i have all the text up here i can import it as a pdf and then sign and then you know send that on my method i can go to the shared button here i can send it through an email i can share it through other apps i can share the observe like this and i can send it to context i can send it through imessage mail gmail canvas all these other apps it’s very you know you know app other app friendly i mean ipad os has been for a minute but this app is for sure you can export stuff as pdfs and actual notability memoranda communicated to other devices and yeah i want even though this this app is sort of pricey um up front it is definitely worth it it is very refined you cannot go wrong with this you can also input text if you demand as well and modification the font here i can change the font to kaboor gurnajadi i entirely murderer that i can also make it bold and italicize it and convert the color so you have control over textbook as well you can also add representations so i can add a word-painting right here by pressing the plus button and we can go to photo library and i can add um how about an iphone painting right here boom and let’s just say i wanted to annotate it and let’s just say i was going to create a thumbnail or something and i wish i could have really mark up a photo which is better to do in notability than the photos app i will tell you that right now um i can clique i are you able time write on here i can zoom up and you know just really interact very easily i can precisely write like iphone 13 pro maybe i can like summary the exterior who even knows um but yeah this is a really great markup app you know it’s a simple one more it’s very simply i wouldn’t say bare bone but awfully exactly to the point and i very much enjoy it i’ve been using it for years so i recommend it and i’ll leave a link to that in the video description as well but if you’re doing more in-depth note-taking and you want some like strung virtual newspaper and all that i emphatically recommend good notes you cannot go wrong with this app it’s still a little bit pricey like around here i am thinking like seven or eight dollars maybe even ten dollars at this item on the app accumulation but it’s totally worth noting as you

can see here i was marking up pdfs last year in my statement classes like the last time i made real memoranda um because you know i’ve been taking paper ones this semester which is so much fun um but this is um too a great app once again for sort of in-line note-taking as well as you can see here i was writing just yet simply in the lines now on virtual newspaper with a paper-like screen protector by the way absolutely recommend going those i’ll leave a link to in the video description to that as well absolutely alters your note-taking experience and too extorting ordeal as well um on any ipad for example or any any ipad in general you can get it for any ipad that exists even the ipad mini so again association in the description um but yeah this is such a great app for that um when i take or start making categories that you are well aware don’t have these kinds of electronics bam this is the app that i’m going to be using i’m going to be creating a new notebook which i can do right here um new notebook i don’t know why it’s um sideways it shouldn’t be but you know what we’re gonna we’re gonna roll with it um and yeah you are eligible to only get go to town here i can write you know whatever the time is 10 26 21 and i can precisely yeah i can start writing i can zoom in so hello this is my firstly note extremely very nice you can zoom out you have lined paper i really enjoy that i was somebody who used to take notes on paper and i’m currently taking notes on paper so this is a very familiar experience and it’s all merged into one app and yeah just like notability you can do markup with pdfs you can also change the color of your material although i think notabilities is a you know they’re about the same i would say you have a bunch of different shades you can also draw conditions you know it sort of snaps into a excellent figure “if youre using” this mode right here and you are eligible to add images as well

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so i can import a picture of my cat here if i wanted to he’s begging for macaroni and cheese in this picture um very cute boy and i can also mark that up i can outline him and such and too you know the ball so similar notability but again you have richer sort of paper or virtual newspaper um and yeah you are eligible to have sort of virtual notebooks too it’s just more of like i don’t know like skeuomorphic type app not like skeuomorphic in areas of ios 6 but is i don’t know it has lower levels of a digital feel while also giving you the best of digital note making so i really enjoy this as well i have several diaries i use this um you know when i can do digital tones right now it’s a little bit limited but yeah this is the app that i “il use” um for i think the time being and maybe years to do my digital note taking and such um i was i likewise used to keep a planner in good mentions as well before i switched to notion and this was helpful i would hand write stuff so you have a lot of different temp templates and schemes and such with this absolutely the link as well very much worth the money that you pay for it and finally the last app that i want to demo is keynote and you may be thinking noah that’s a free app on my ipad it’s like powerpoint kind of boring why are you crossing it well friends i think it’s practice better than slips and powerpoint i think you can make really nice introductions on here if you want to stand out use this app if you have an ipad and i have a presentation that i became like five years ago that well feel lookings astounding um and i’m gonna brag about it because i can’t believe i made this when i was a freshman in high school here this is about the san bernardino shooting occurrence and icloud protection i determined the presentation i didn’t necessarily do all the content but as you can see here we have some really nice um you know livings happening here we have a picture and then it starts like this type like i did this when i was like 15 years old or 16 year olds this just say yeah uh-huh so this is a current event at that point when i made this um so look at this it’s like spelling it out um yep uh what else here this yeah this is all in keynote i used to use keynote before i knew how to use final reduction pro to simply have like cool visuals and material so this app is really really nice now um and you know

uh you know enormous visuals i am aware but you know this is a really nice presentation i gotta say and uh yeah i’m looking ios 9 ios 9 this is when this this is when this presentation was created um so yeah i’m very happy with this and um you know again if you’re going to make a presentation for business for whatever you’re doing this is the app to use honestly i mean you can offset other apps gaze good but this you know apple is really really good with you know visuals and stuff with their um performance app here as you can see i can scroll through the moves here i can edit the slides as well you know move text around for example i’m going to undo that because i don’t want to touch this because i’m very happy with it but it’s easy to use you can use it with the occult keyboard like you would with a macbook you can edit your presentation on a mac if you have one and you can control it on here as well in airplay um so yeah compassion keynote i cannot recommends the following fairly even though it is an app that comes with your ipad and yeah that about wrappings things up here i hope was helpful leave a like if you want to of course you don’t have to comment if you have any questions suggestions or rulings and if you want to see more content about ipad and of course macbook pro uh yeah check out my link to spike in the video description once again and as ever i’m noah and i will catch you all in the next one

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